Why The Xbox Series S is Worth Your Money

Joey Marrazzo: While the Xbox Series S is a small and cheaper option, it packs a punch and is definitely a solid option for the casual gamer.

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Knightofelemia766d ago (Edited 766d ago )

Series X is the ideal way I am going when or if I decide to buy a new Xbox I like physical games not digital game I only go digital if I have to.

FallenAngel1984765d ago

When I buy a console I’m not gonna get the budget model because in the long term it’d end up being a regret. If I’m spending that much I might as well get the standard/premium model that’s available

darthv72765d ago

Series X is my next big buy but I do like my Series S for all my current digital 360 and xbo games. Until I get a Series X, I still use my One X for my disc games.

S2Killinit765d ago

Because you are buying it for your 3 - 6 year old and its cheaper. They wont know the difference, unless they are fimiliar with Nintendo Switch.

jznrpg765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

They have a PS4 Pro and a Switch . I’ll get them a PS5 eventually, well I’ll probably get the slim model or whatever next one is for me and give them my old one .

anast765d ago

No it's not. Sometimes delayed gratification is worth it and this is one of those times.

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