Konami will not be at E3 this year

Konami: "Due to timing we will not be at E3 this year. We want to reassure our fans that we are in deep development on a number of key projects, so please stay tuned for some updates in the coming months."

Nyxus1121d ago

I hope we will finally hear something about the projects the teams in Japan have been 'beavering away' on. https://www.metalgearinform...

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DarXyde1121d ago

Wait, Konami makes games?

I was never expecting them to be at E3.

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Skate-AK1121d ago

I can't help but to think he was joking too.

Orchard1121d ago

Not a huge surprise - it's pretty rare to see a pachinko machine at E3.

Deathdeliverer1121d ago

Due to not having anything to show, we will not be attending. Please pass our main number to Kojima with our heart felt apologies and tell him to add a zero to whatever he’s asking for. Thank you.

phoenixwing1121d ago

As much as I'd like that to be the case their gambling division is probably still going strong

jukins1121d ago

I doubt thats the reason.. ill say this...look for konami to appear at another show. I mean i could be talking out of my ass orrrr lol

Deathdeliverer1121d ago

Dude. Let’s think of Konami latest hits. Metal Gear (Rip), Silent Hill- been going downhill since 2 but I’m optimistic. Castlevania seems to ONLY be good in 2d and then things get murky. I LOVED Rocket Knight Adventure as a kid. One of my favorite games of all time. Um..... then contra maybe? Oh I forgot about winning 11. I’m sure the jockeys out there hype af. Point is, if it’s one series they couldn’t afford to Jack up it was Metal Gear. I’m sure by now they realize that. Kojima was metal gear. Then he’s also even MORE like Zone of the Enders and snatcher.

Chevalier1121d ago

Probably Tokyo Game Show

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