Gamefocus: (XBLA) A Kingdom for Keflings Review

Xbox Live Arcade games are known for their addictive nature and A Kingdom for Keflings is no different. In fact, when the New Xbox Live Experience came online, this was one of the featured games because it worked with your new Xbox Live Avatar. Oh, what's a Kefling you ask? Good question, we'll answer that and more in our review of NinjaBee's newest city building strategy game A Kingdom for Keflings.

It's easy to get caught up in collecting just enough resources to create the 14th piece of a building's blueprint just to see what new blueprint you will unlock. At times, collecting resources can feel like a bit of a grind at times, especially with larger buildings. The overall goal of the game is the build a utopian kingdom for your Keflings complete with castle. Remaining on task will have your Kefling's adoring you and unlike other strategy games, there's no enemies waiting to knock down your structures or time limits that will cause you to fail if you choose to go at your own pace. This is more of an open, sandbox game with no consequences for doing things your way. Regardless of the length of time you play each session, you'll find yourself pulled back to the game as soon as you switch to something else.

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