Opinion: Why Is Nintendo Lagging On Wii Video?

Gamasutra: "With the launch of the new Xbox LIVE Experience – and the addition of Netflix video streaming – Microsoft continues to transform its Xbox 360 from a solitary 'gaming platform' to a connected video gateway delivering content directly to the living room TV.

Sony is working the same angle, advancing its PS3/Playstation Network combination by expanding its roster of movies and TV programs and even pledging simultaneous online and DVD releases of Hitch and other top-notch (Sony-owned) titles."

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Captain_Sony3699d ago

Yet another pointless article.. Who says that Nintendo even needs VOD? Because MS does something everyone else will have to as well?
Why not just say"Hey Nintendo can you stop being number 1 and start copying the guys who get less sales then you do? Their lower sales must mean that everyone wants VOD so you better offer it..