Returnal is a Showcase for the PS5's Power - Next-Gen Console Watch

This week IGN sat down with Harry Krueger (Game Director) and Mikael Haveri (Marketing and Biz Dev), developers at Housemarque to discuss the release of Returnal on what we can expect from the game and more.

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Thundercat7754d ago

I'm currently playing the game and it is so good. The Dualsense implementation is magestic. I love the Metroid Prime feeling in the game.

GaboonViper54d ago

I love those enemy designs so much, HM always deliver the goods.

IRetrouk54d ago

It is very engaging, challenging and fun, the lore, lead and enemies are all interesting, the death mechanic isn't as bad as people seem to make it out either, very easy to get back to what you were at before death.

jjb198154d ago

I've restarted cycle about 4 times without hesitation because I knew I could get back to something "closer"... This game is digital crack.

VerminSC54d ago

Yeah. I try to limit game sessions to a max of 3 hours. I played Returnal for 9.5 hours today... it’s extremely addictive lol

54d ago
IRetrouk53d ago

"Digital crack" 🤣 it really is.

Bathyj53d ago

I got to the first boss after a couple deaths and a couple hours. Died. I was devastated. But I'm keen to get back into it cos I know it will be so satisfying when I pass it.

Man the game plays so well.

IRetrouk53d ago

Hes wiped me out 3 times so far lol, 2 of them were my own fault though 😅

Applejack53d ago

No spoilers but wait until you get to the future bosses. I barley beat the first boss with a fraction of health left the first time but got my ass kicked by the next two... Still a lot of fun though lol.

Bathyj53d ago

Yeah I'm not deterred but I was sad. I just didn't have time to start again yet.

waverider53d ago

Amazing games is what we need. Sony got another big hit.

Ausbo53d ago

The dual sense implementation is insane. I’m enjoying the game despite not even liking this genre