Cyberpunk Managers Still Win Big Bonuses After Shoddy Game Launch

Some employees told Bloomberg they will receive profit-sharing bonuses of about $5,000 to about $9,000, while other more senior employees said they will get closer to $15,000 or $20,000. Managers and directors will likely receive much higher bonuses. In a statement, a CD Projekt spokesperson said that the company had allocated a total of $29.8 million to 865 employees, for an average of about $34,000 each. (Staff also received separate, smaller performance bonuses earlier this year.)
In contrast, just five of CD Projekt’s board members received bonuses totaling $28 million.

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NeoGamer23252d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Profit sharing bonuses are based on the profits the company makes, so if they make profits, then they get whatever share of the bonus they get. Quality of products has nothing to do with profit sharing bonuses.

Furthermore, just because a game is shoddy does not mean that the people on the ground did a bad job. Personally, I think Cyberpunk was just too ambitious for the hardware. It will go down in history probably as a game that should've shipped 5-10 years latter on better hardware.

sourOG51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

How hard is this to understand lol? Very apparently.

Abear2151d ago

Agreed, hoped the X/PS5 version delivers, but there’s always the inevitable remaster and I’m sure it’ll sing some day

Yui_Suzumiya51d ago

To think it was initially going to be a PS3 / 360 game 😆

masterfox52d ago

Good for the employees and their families that's definitely positive, but we can't deny they(pointing at the head staffs) release a broken game purposely just to get income while not caring one bit for their fans and customers in general about what are they gonna say .

sourOG51d ago

They paid dearly for those bonuses for sure.

arkard51d ago

It's a profit sharing business, they made a profit. Get pissed at the company's that laid people off or cut wages and still paid out big bonuses to millionaires.

1nsomniac51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

That’s capitalism for you. It doesn’t matter if the people at the top do a shitty job or rip people off. They’re always going to make money from it regardless. There are no real repercussions. The people below will take the fall.

BrainSyphoned51d ago

This isn't an article about Cyberpunk metascore being so low the devs didn't get paid. The people "below" got checks equal to or better than the US covid relief checks for a full family amount. Ya they had to crunch but most employees crunch without hopes of a gainshare let alone a holiday bonus. So go capitalism! Bet they have all been vaccinated as well in a country that has 7.6% vaccinated.

JackBNimble50d ago

Well if they released a product that wasn't broken then their bonuses would have been much larger guaranteed.

There is nothing wrong with bonuses based on sales , regardless of the outcome of the game. If people were upset about the game, they should have returned it like everyone else.

Aussiesummer51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

they marketed this shit out of this turd, pushed hype hard , all the suckers pre ordered and the rest is history.

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