Worthingherald: Valkyria Chronicles - Review

Let's get it out of the way first: Valkyria Chronicles is a Japanese role-playing strategy game.

While this may have some people dismissing the game out of hand, it will doubtless delight others eagerly awaiting the latest Final Fantasy to make its debut on the PS3.

Hopefully this unlikely, visually stunning combination of genres will receive the mainstream audience it deserves.

Overall, Valkyria is an original and excellent title and while it does have its faults, hopefully this game will be picked up by a bigger audience and not just missed in the rush for Little Big Planet and Resistance: Fall of Man 2. Sony has already announced that it will be supporting this title with extra downloadable content so there is no excuse not to pick up this game.

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R_19933699d ago

If you haven't picked this game up, I suggest you do so. This game takes the word 'awesome' to another level.

PirateThom3699d ago

After Christmas along with Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia.

himdeel3699d ago

...this is an amazing Strategy RPG. I am absolutely pleased to have this RPG game and totally recommend it.