Prince of Persia Video Comparison - 720p

See how the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Prince of Persia compare.

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HighDefinition3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )


Basically the same, the 360 looks more plastic. Both look great though.

Rick AstIey3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Almost exactly the same but the PS3 version looks better. However, I'm not sure why the PS3 side looks so washed out. Are they running the PS3 version in RGB full? Probably not. Videogamer = The new Gametrailers.

Counter_ACT3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

1.1: RGB full doesn't make that much of a difference. It's hard to capture stuff from the PS3 in the highest quality possible because of HDCP.

The 360 does look better though, but what do you expect from a multi plat from Ubisoft? I already know their video will look nothing like that when Im playing this on my TV anyway.

anh_duong3694d ago

videogamer did the same thing with the Cod 5 comparison. they don't use hdmi for capture for the ps3.

anh_duong3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

i know some people don't believe that the videogamer ps3 version is captured in the worst output (washed out component?) but if you look at the videogamer comparison for cod 5 and eurogamer comparison for cod 5 and you will see that the videogamer comparison is compromised by using the worst capture technology ..

scottmichael3694d ago

"are they running in RGB Full"

I keep reading this on comparison threads, and it only makes you look like a idiot....

you see the word "full" and you automatically think it means more or better

when in this context it doesnt.... Get a clue please

Fallen_Angel3694d ago

every game that comes out that is multi plat sony fanboy whine and cry to no end about they didnt use this or that or they did this and that to make the 360 look better it doesnt matter what site or who makes the game they are all 360 fanboy and it all a big cover up to make the ps3 look bad. Get over it the 360 is just better then the ps3

natwitgudvib3694d ago

For anyone who does not know RGB does make a big difference. When i have it on limited the XMBs black areas look gray, when its on full the black areas look black and the contrast is way better!

SuperM3694d ago

This looks exactly like what happened with the Assassins Creed comparisons. The PS3 version looked Washed out because full RGB was not turned on. And since this game is running on a modified Assassins Creed engine then this obviously looks to be the same case. It looks washed out in just the same way the AC version did when RGB was on limited, so ye, probably another bullshit comparison. This game was even lead platform on the PS3, so i dont believe for a second that the difference on the 2 versions are even remotely that big.

ECKOo93694d ago

If your going to make a video comparison at least put the contrast and all that other jaz at the levels so they look similar. I've played them both on my PS3 and my brothers Xbox 360 and they look exactly identical except for a few texture differences on pillars and stuff but quality is equal. Who ever made this video comparison is an r-tard and needs to know how to use the menu button on the tv.

TheMART3694d ago

High Def and Rick assley are both the biggest PS3 fandboys around, ofcourse they would say the PS3 version looks better.

But now for real guys, same problem PS3 multiplats have always:

1. they look washed out like hell
2. the graphics are more blurry as are the textures.

360 version has vibrant colours, like this game needs. The 360 version has sharper graphics, and better textures.

Period. PS3 lost again.

shovelbum3694d ago

The 360 version is again the winner IMO. There is much more detail in several clips. In the scene with the overhead camera and the snow and rocks under his feet, each individual rock stands out clearly whereas the PS3 version just blurs them together. Why does the PS3 versions continually look washed out in these comparisons? Anyway I plan on picking up the 360 version this weekend at the Toys r' Us 3-for-2 deal.

dantesparda3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

RGB Full is a color space spectrum that ranges from 0-255, its a old standard, but yet still superior to the YPbPr color space spectrum. YPbPr (which is one of the standards pumped through HDMI, is really a Component Video standard) that was developed i think mainly to combat some of the inferiorities of the LCD/Plasma technology (basically their inability to properly display the full 0-255 RGB standard. What this means is that Full RGB has a wider color space, meaning it can get darker and brighter (so in other words, blacker blacks and whiter whites). The 0-255 color space standard is the one used by RGB/VGA monitors (you know your computer monitors). So turning RGB Full will give you blacker blacks and higher contrast. Now the reason why the 16-235 YPbPr color space is used in LCD/Plasma TV's is because they are not as good as RGB/VGA monitors at displaying the full RGB color space spectrum. So in other to avoid what is called "black crush" or "white crush" on most LCDS & Plasmas, the industry decided to use the YPbPr 16-235 color space spectrum on them.

Now "fanboys" are all idiots who couldnt tell the truth about their consoles even if they were being tortured, will act like one version looks better than the other simply because one is darker and the other is more washed out looking. The truth is that the PS3 is outputting a more washed out image when captured through these capture devices. However, it is nothing that cant be easily resolved through you TV's color settings, but no, the fanboys not only could not understand this but would never admit it. So to judge the two versions based on the one is darker and the other is more washed out opinion is just stupid and ignorant. Now what youse should really be looking at is the texture quality itself, the framerate and even the geometry (the polygon count). What should really concern people is not that one version looks darker and therefore more colorful or that the other is more washed out, therefore inferior, but rather that one is blurrier than the other. See what most of you technically inclined mofos dont understand is that the PS3 having 256MBs of graphics RAM (vs the 360s almost up to 512MB) is causing most developers to have to actually run the PS3s versions textures at a lower res or at a higher compression rate when the game requires more texture RAm than the {PS3 actually has available. Hence making the PS3 version look blurrier. However I will say that the PS3 is actually doing quite well in the texture comparison considering that its running at a lower res or at a higher compression ratio in most instances.

Now what half you numb nuts dont realize is that this whole genertaion BOTH systems have been cheating the whole time since day one and using the inferior "bri" linearing filtering technique rather than the better trilinear filtering technique. This is completely and utterly unacceptable as trilinear filtering is not that taxing of a feature modern day hardware. For goodness sake, the Xbox, GC and even the PS2 trilineared filtered with ease. Yet here is the superior next-gen systems cheating their way through this whole genertaion (with the exception of a few games). I know why they are doing it. Its simply to squeeze a little more performance out these systems towards the framerates and i think their inferior 128-bit buses, but for me its pathetic and its unforgivable. If youse think what i am saying is bullsh!t then lets start asking all these programmers if their games are trilinear filtering or really just "bri" linearing at best on most occasions. Sh!t, in alot of games its so bad, that i can obviously see all the mipmap levels, pathetic!

Now let's stop the stupidity and get educated and have some real educated discussions. And btw, the black and white crushing also depend on how good or bad your TV is

DocEvil3694d ago

1. The word 'you' cannot be made plural by adding 'se' to the end of it. Try 'you guys' or even 'you people' if you want to also include the women on the site in your 'discussion'
2. try posting that inward spiral nonsense on the Audio Video Science Forums and see how long you last
3. I have training, specifically ISF and HAA certifications for calibrating display and audio devices. I make a living calibrating AV equipment in the film industry. I know when someone has pieced together random AV gibberish from the internet trying to make themselves sound like they are 'in the know'.

hate_me3694d ago

another game where teh cell is holding back the power of the X. no on a serious note, doesn't it get old that almost every multiplat game looks and plays better on the 360. what multiplats is actually better on the ps3(and please.... nad i am asking the sony guys in here, please don't tell me GTA4 looks better on the ps3... lower resolution, more jaggies...). so the only game I can think of is Burnout Paradise, and that game is so close it isn't even funny. Think about this, Here is a game that lead on the ps3 and all the power that goes with teh cell and it barely is better than the 360... thats awesome. again I am drawn to this conclusion: multiplats that leads on ps3 are equal on the 360 because the devs did not put any content in that the ps3 could not games that lead on the 360 is sometimes a very different beast because the 360 can handle somethings that the ps3 just can not do.

and this is where the lazy dev backfire is going to hit me right?

denial denial denial

DAILLest3693d ago

if you don't believe the PS3 got screwed in this comparison just look at the video reviews for the game. IGN, Gamespot and 1up all shot their video reviews using the PS3 version. You can tell by the button icons in combat.

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InMyOpinion3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

The PS3 version looks out of focus, blurry as hell. The details in the textures are lost and the colors look washed out. Also, the framerate is a bit smoother on the 360 version.

It must feel like sh!t buying a game knowing that you are only getting the second best version of it.

ultimolu3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Your face looks blurry.

Seriously, they look fine. I'm pretty sure they do look the same, unless videoGAYmer forgot their settings on the PS3 version.

InMyOpinion3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Of course you are sure they look the same.

If the PS3 version looked better you would be going apesh!t about how powerful the cell is etc etc. Since that's not the truth you try to downplay it by saying "the game looks completely different on my magic PS3".

Do your little defense thing, use homophobic nicknames and blame teh settings. Not only does it make you look stupid, but ignorant as well.

ultimolu3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Jenzo, I'm sorry but you're comparing me with someone else. I would not have gone *apesh*t* as you are right now. As long as the game plays well, and it's enjoyable, everyone should enjoy it.

I have said time and time again these comparison videos are starting to get ANNOYING!

GTAIV comparison videos were fun at first but it's time to give it up already.

Okay, again with the cowardly disagrees.


Prove it to me right now!

All of the comparison videos Videogamer has done are nothing but absolute bullsh*t. Most of the multiplatform games I bought look nothing like that on the PS3 itself.

InMyOpinion3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

That's funny because in their Dead Space comparison both versions looked identical. Do you think they have changed their settings since then?

I'm proving you wrong, right now ;)

ultimolu3694d ago

Jenzo, because EA paid careful attention to both versions of the game. We all remembered that fiasco with certain games coming from EA, don't we?

You're failing. Stop drowning in your river of fail.

InMyOpinion3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

So, now you are agreeing that the 360 version of Prince of Persia looks better? All of a sudden you blame Ubisoft and not Videogamer? Flipflop much?

I'm not the one drowning here, fatty =)

edit: So you completely ignored the Dead Space comparison? Since it nullifies all your claims.

Btw, can you pls teach me the bubble trick?

ultimolu3694d ago

Listen, and listen good because your ears are so full of wax that a brush could be need to pull it out.


If the PS3 version was done first (providing that it was), and the 360 version was done secondly, then BOTH versions should be equal. Mirror's Edge looked the same for BOTH versions because the PS3 version was done first.

I'm sorry but your pitiful insult means NOTHING to me.

You're still drowning in the river of FAIL!

dukadork3694d ago

it looks washed out, the good ol trick used by people who pretend to be fair and balanced. nothing new, we're used to losers and crooks who find it hip to suck M$'s c0ck on their sh!tty little blog

you'll need a PS3 for this:

so what's the point of wasting your energy?
it's all over dude, everybody knows the PS3 kicks the 360's ass on pure raw power. go watch 'snipers' again, fullscreen, it's amazing, nothing comes even close, i don't know a single bot who denies it, they're all buying PS3s right now, lol

you baboons were entertaining :P

Graphics Whore3694d ago

Haha Jenzo, clearly a Xbox 360 fanboy, why should anyone listen to you? You're oozing green.

TheMART3694d ago

Juuken aka Ultimolu why should we listen to her? Its a PS3 fangirl that needs to stand on the WiiFit

Really. Anyone with eyes can see the video shows the PS3 version is washed out and blurry. The 360 version has vibrant colours and sharp textures and graphics in general.

360 version wins hands down.

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Beg For Mercy3694d ago

is the ps3 version really that washed out, it didnt look like that on ign.coms review,thats almost night and day right there if it really looks that bad then im switching my pre-order to the 360 version i hope it dosent look like that in real life someone please let me know.

Ashton3694d ago

so they look identical or the PS3 will look abit better.

the game is really colorful on my setup(PS3 version) nothing like that.

candystop3694d ago

That's the way they look and the reason why you didn't see a difference before is because there wasn't a comparison video. It looks like all this developed on PS3 1st crap isn't making a difference and only giving developers or better grasp on release dates being the same. Sure you can play the PS3 version and it look fine to you just so long as you don't see the 360 version.

Fallen_Angel3694d ago

yup it really looks like that on the ps3. My cousin got it for his ps3 and he was like omg when he seen me playing it on my 360. I only rented it buy the way might buy it later. Its a good game

3694d ago
dantesparda3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

No it doesnt, dont listen to these well know 360 fanboys (the 2 guys before me). Let me ask you this, do your other PS3 games look that washed out? It'll look just like the rest of your games. See these fanboys dont want you to know, but the reason it looks like that is because of the way the PS3 outputs to these capture devices, but in reality, your TV settings can easily rectify that. It's all stupid bullsh!t by the fanboys to fool you into thinking that's how washed out a PS3 looks. Rent it and then come back and tell me who was right? I or the other 2 douches above me who are obviously 360 fanboys with a agenda

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rjguess3694d ago

I find it funny that every time I have watched a ps3/360 video comparison, the ps3 always looks so dull in color and washed out and the 360 looks much brighter. I have a friend with a 360 and I have a ps3. My ps3 does not look washed out and dull in color like that in this video. My friends xbox360 looks nearly the same as the 360 video here. Maybe an xbox fan boy did this to make ps3 look dull.

LukaX233694d ago

I'm pretty sure these websites are getting paid to do this. Microsoft has so much extra cash so they ask, "WHY THE F**K NOT?!" No such thing as fair comparisons when Microsoft is involved.