Resist the Co-Op?

Given the outstanding levels of cooperation and cleverness employed in the making of TSA, two gamers thought it'd be easy to re-use the magic formula in a cooperative game of Resistance 2. There are various degrees of wrong in the world and an hour later they realised they were right at the forefront.

R2's coop lets you pick from one of three character classes. Basically: Soldier is the main grunt; Special Ops is like a soldier, but with the added job of dishing out ammo; Medic is a big girly puff, but has the - as they found - incredibly important job of healing the other players.

Here's how it went down.

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Darkseider3700d ago

From the article:

"As is usual when we get together for a game over the PSN, the first attempt took 20 minutes of trying to find each other,..."

This is his description of getting in Co-op with R2? Hmmm... played Co-op 2 nights ago. Hit triangle, invited a couple buds to party, partied up in about 2 minutes, joined game and up and playing in about 4 minutes total (wait time for game to start included). So this 20 minute thing either means he is using a USR Office Connect with a 56k modem on one end, has really crappy luck OR he is full of sh*t. In any case, what?

Pennywise3700d ago

2 minutes?? How about you set your room up with open to friends or all and anyone can X your name and join your room.

I think the party system in R2 is great.

Darkseider3700d ago

Oooh I know. You weren't on until later in the night when I was playing my last match, sorry. Although I agree. When opened to friends or all hell it is damned near instant.

Nineball21123700d ago

I agree with both of you that setting up a party in R2 is very easy, but I'm going to approve the article.

It's just the experience of one guy and I know (as well as countless others) that R2 is a fantastic game all the way around.

Edit: Well, I'll approve after a related game is added. :p

Marceles3700d ago

"Medic is a big girly puff, but has the - as they found - incredibly important job of healing the other players."

A medic owns once you hit Lvl 24

Dark_Overlord3700d ago

The Medic owns full stop, its possible to just use a medic on your own to finish most of the co-op levels (most being not the parts where 2 players are required). I've had to do it on many occasions due to noobs keep dying then quiting the match

crillyconlig3700d ago

the first time we used it, it took 15mins to get it going, its too simple its hard and made a mess of it