40° : How powerful does the next PSP need to be?

A rumour broke last week of British chip designer, Imagination, getting the contract to build the new processor for the next iteration of the PSP. That raises enough questions all by itself, but the fact that Imagination is the same company that handled the graphics side of things for the iPhone, thickens the plot like so much cornflower into an already gloopy handheld technology soup.

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Amp3694d ago

I would like to officially welcome Imagination Productions into the PS3 family, where they will undoubtedly find unparalleled critical and financial success due to the PS3's unrivalled technical and commercial prowess. The PS3 is truly the next generation console of choice for consumers, and has played a leading role in expanding the horizons of gaming into more families. The PS3 is handily decimating Xbox RRoD worldwide and has singlehandedly destroyed the mighty and evil Microsoft brand, crushing the evil empire forever.