Cheyenne Mountain Sees Funding Issues, Stargate Worlds Still Moving Forward

Gamasutra: "As of press time, it's been 22 days since staffers at Stargate Worlds creator Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment should have been paid. At least, so says a a rather stark, declarative insider website devoted solely to a running tally.

Cheyenne Mountain actually seemed to be having a strong year; in March, the company's Joel Ybarra told Gamasutra that it has four teams at work on both the Stargate MMO and a second, unspecified online title.

And in April, the company formed its own publisher, FireSky, to handle Stargate Worlds and Cheyenne's other unannounced online titles."

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Drakol3697d ago

There is one? Wow... Never knew that. I'll have to look it when I can. Is there a monthly fee or a one time pay for the game deal?

JelalTrueshot3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

It is currently in development. It has actually been playable at different events. Check these out:

I just hope they survive long enough to see it to live status.