Sony Wants to Double PS5 Shipments Despite Chip Shortage

If you’re still struggling to buy a PlayStation 5, there’s good news: Despite the ongoing chip shortage, Sony has set the ambitious goal of doubling PS5 shipments over the next 12 months.

“Although constraints on the supply of components, especially semiconductors, are expected to continue this fiscal year, our current target is to exceed the 14.8 million units we sold in the second year after the launch of the PlayStation 4,” the company wrote in its earnings presentation for fiscal Q4, which ended on March 31.

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Fist4achin45d ago

I'd take one if I could find it either online or in the wild.

Killer73nova45d ago

I hope so I need to get one for ratchet and clank

RosweeSon45d ago

I’m sure they will start brewing up consoles as the new games launch. They will want as many consoles made as possible as each and every new launch comes in. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the console restocked for ratchet. Think May they’ll be shipping all the ones that have been stuck in Suez Canal etc and get the next batch in ready for ratchet. Games sell console and they won’t wanna be launching their top games without some consoles available to pick up as well. Hopefully you track one down sooner rather than later.

Anyone on the U.K Argos is hands down the easiest to get one from. Website manages to hold the traffic plus they go up overnight on the app and don’t sell out in seconds (as they check all multiple orders etc filter out the scalpers) normally in stock for an hour or 2 when they get them. Best of luck all

DFresh45d ago

I’m hoping to get one by the end of the year.
Scalpers: 😂

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The story is too old to be commented.