Extreme Tech: Gunnar Optiks Eyewear

Extreme Tech writes:
Gunnar glasses are designed for digital electronics users. In fact, the company calls its line of specs "digital precision eyewear." Now, let's go through the marketing hype and see just how much of it is accurate, based on my wearing my Gunnar specs for about a week and a half.

First off, Gunnar states that according to the Vision Council of America, 90 percent of people who use a computer for more than three hours a day suffer from eye strain. Gunnar Optiks lenses, with what the company dubbed iAMP technology, are said to reduce eye strain when the user is staring at the cold glare of a computer screen.

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Sarick3694d ago

Yea, don't they know glasses sometimes make vision worse over time?

I'm calling gimmick.

funkeystu3693d ago

polarised just means that only light waves coming from a single direction (ie where you're looking at) are allowed in, so you get less interference from other areas ie 'glare'. It's done by physically blocking the other rays in a similar fashion to placing your hand against your brow to block the sun.
so yea, I cant see how it would be able to adversely affect vision.