Planet Xbox 360: Legendary Review

What makes a story legendary? Well first off, one must have a likeable protagonist such as Arthur in the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Another attribute is an excellent antagonist as Ganondorf provides to Link in The Legend of Zelda. Perhaps it's the journey to save the world in quests such as Cloud was tasked to do in Final Fantasy VII. Whatever the case, these stories stand the test of time and people can relate to them; sadly, Spark Unlimited's latest shooter, Legendary, fails to live up to the incredible title it has been branded with due to it not having any remarkable traits.

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riksweeney3697d ago

Can everyone stop being mean to Legendary?


AngryHippo3697d ago

I thought it looked quite cool. Graphically its not too shabby either. I think its the fact thats its just another generic fps more than its actually a bad game. Anyone got it care to share their thoughts?Is it worth a 4.5/10?