PS3 & the 360: The race to 65nm

"There have always been game consoles that competed directly against each other for sales, market share, and third-party support. Today, the battle is very much between Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3, with Nintendo opting to play a different kind of game with the Wii. As the 360 and PS3 are closely matched in terms of performance and the types of games they play, the winner may be the company that reduces the cost of their platform the fastest."

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UrbanJabroni4272d ago

The single most boring "race" in the history of competition? I say yes.

Covenant4272d ago

Price drops can't hurt either system. 360 sales at my store are solid, and PS3 is doing a (little) better, but everyone wants Wiis. MS would probably benefit the most, because a $349 (or $299...?) Pro system would get them closer to that *magical* $199 mark, where the system is more likely to become an impulse buy, rather than an investment. (Remember, PS2 really took off after dropping to $199). For the PS3--even a drop to $399/$499 still puts them out of reach of average Jane and Joe, and they're STILL months away from having a substantial number of desirable games. Even if they cut the price, you have to give them a reason to buy it. In other words, Sony needs a Gears of War...NOW. But with MGS4 and FFXIII still months--maybe a year or longer--away, and with so many exclusives migrating to 360, Sony has to do something to stop the hemorrhaging.

FirstknighT4272d ago

The 360 is in a better position for a price cut but is in no hurry since they're still outselling the ps3. On the other hand, the ps3 racing to 65nm is more of a desperate move since nobody is buying a ps3. The ps3 might win the race since they need to lower thier cost ASAP or the 360s lead will continue to pull away.