Humble Bundle Creator Suing Valve in Anti-Trust Suit

Original Humble Bundle creator Wolfire Games is bringing an anti-trust lawsuit against Valve, claiming a monopoly as well as excessive commission rates.

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DarthMarvin92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Just after they reduced maximum charity donations by 85%. Keep it up, Humble, you're on a roll. Soon you'll be as cancerous as Epic.

Princess_Pilfer92d ago

Different company.
Humble Bundle got bought by some company in 2017, and at present has nothing to do with the people who are suing Valve.
Their only current relation is that the people who founded started the charity which eventually became it's own company *used* to be the people who ran it before it seperated out into it's own company.

njitram200091d ago

"bought by some company in 2017"
That company is IGN. It would be funny if IGN sued Valve, though 😂

bb14z91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I do not understand how there is such a disconnect between those working in the gaming industry, and the average users within that industry. Like, what do these companies expect when these gaming services provide inferior services at an increased costs? Are companies like Todd Sweeney’s Epic Games or now David Rosen’s Wolfire Games’ completely—almost comedically—this tone deaf? Are they not gamers themselves? There are so many companies that just want to see Valve lose rather than just provide value to customers. What we’re seeing both CEOs do so underhandedly just feels wrong. What Steam has done for PC gaming somehow feels under appreciated and resented, which is baffling.

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