Switch Sells 461K, PS5 Sells 217K, XS Sells 98K - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Apr 11-17

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 460,823 units sold for the week ending April 17, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 83.94 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 216,833 units to bring its lifetime sales to 7.76 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 98,251 units to bring their lifetime sales to 4.67 million units.

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ZeekQuattro262d ago

Next week we'll finally get some official numbers from Nintendo.

septemberindecember262d ago

Based on estimates, Nintendo could have sold anywhere from 4.8M-5.5M in this final quarter. Bringing their total FY sales to 28.9M-29.6M.

But we will see if these estimates are accurate!

DefaultComment261d ago

i say more considering they have sold all their monster hunter theme Switch that was like 3.7 million units.

crazyCoconuts262d ago

I wonder what % of that 98K XS sold was Series S sales

RickRoland262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

They’ll never tell us. Will always be a combined sales number

DarXyde261d ago

You know, before the consoles launched, I saw Microsoft's strategy as an effective 'pincer move', where they get customers from all angles. Doesn't seem to be the case, at least compared to the competition. I feel like it's due largely to the Series S existing and the price of the Series X. I suspect a lot of people have access to S, but are skipping over it because they can get a PS5 for $100 more OR between one $500 box and another $500 box, one is getting games only available for that platform.

I really don't know and I'm totally guessing. I genuinely expected this generation to be closer than it is now. We'll see in a matter of time.

On the bright side for Microsoft, it doesn't seem to bother them at all. Xbox seems to have some pretty good revenue (I'm not clear on profitability) and game pass is quite popular among Xbox and PC gamers, so my gut feeling is they're doing fine.

Jin_Sakai262d ago

98K combined is awful compared to the competition.

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dcbronco262d ago

Especially considering you can't get the consoles. Yeah, they should have sold more of that console they don't have.

neutralgamer1992262d ago

I think vast majority will still be disk version and that goes for ps5 too. Yes a lot of more gamers buy their games digitally but they still like having the option to put the disk in to play just in case

S2Killinit262d ago

In MS’s defense i would say over 50% will be proper series X sales. I think MS underestimated that the Switch will compete with series S and they wont get the boost they thought they would get from offering a last gen cheaper machine because the casuals wont be buying a series S over a Nintendo Switch.

Rude-ro262d ago

Knowing Microsoft, they are pushing out more cheaper s versions so that the die hards will buy it and then upgrade later on.
In articles etc, the series s always ends up in stock faster.

SpineSaw262d ago

No offense but Microsoft knows exactly what their doing they underestimated nothing. The Nintendo Switch was selling like crazy long before the new Xbox consoles released that's fact that everyone knew. Microsoft flooded the market with the Xbox Series S as best they could with the Covid and all knowing that they would not release a Xbox First Party game for close to a year after the new consoles released knowing the Series X would not be available if they under produced it and that gamers would just purchase the Series S at the lower price and then when they release their First Party games the Xbox Fanboys would do what they do and would upgrade to the Series X.
Now you could say "well Halo Infinite was bla bla bla" just stop!....Microsoft knew the new Halo Infinite game was not releasing in 2020 when they showed Halo Infinite for the first time last July, they knew! And now you can say "you don't know that" and your right I dont but that then begs the question if Microsoft didn't know that Halo Infinite was a problem then what else do they not know? Could the Xbox Game Division be a dumster fire and that's the reason Microsoft has failed to release a First Party game to date for the Xbox Series X &S consoles that have been in the works for years? They couldn't put together a remaster or a reboot of anything for the new consoles, why... Dumpster fire! No, and again no offense but a company like Microsoft that micro manages everything they know exactly what their doing to the day to the dollar. they wanted to sell as many Xbox Series S consoles then after the First Party game releases they they sell the Series X upgrade to the Series S owners.

JustTheFax261d ago

@SpineSaw I get what you are saying, but why would microsoft release remasters of anything when they have been pushing the free next gen res/fps upgrades so hard? Also, I'm pretty sure Gears 5 came out with the Hivebusters expansion and next gen patch to go with the new consoles? I'd consider that pretty close to what sony did with Spiderman MM. That being said, they could have tried a lot harder to get some 1st party games out for launch, or even the first year.

FallenAngel1984262d ago

Why does it matter?

Are you going to ask how much of NS’ sales were Switch Lite units or how many of the PS5 sales were the discless model?

darthv72262d ago

I kind of get why people like 'crazy' ask that sort of question. If they knew the breakdown, they could get an idea of just how much the games would be held back by the Series S in relation to the Series X. The more the weaker system has sold, the less likely game devs will try and put all of their efforts into making the X version better than S.

it's what they like to call the least common denominator. We know that games will not be held back by that. As is the case for some games having quality and performance modes on the X and the S only getting performance mode.

InUrFoxHole262d ago

That has to be the dumbest thing you've said today. You still have time though.

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Drew345262d ago

They say the Xbox is up 232% on hardware but the graph says they only sold 4.7 million units.....and its still trailing by almost double. Am i missing something here? I mean, i guess its great given the fact that it is growing but with a SKU that is $100 cheaper, almost double the sales behind doesn't sound that great.

RickRoland262d ago

Percentages are marketing ploys for investors. Smoke and mirrors.

nveenio261d ago

I'm shocked at how many people are saying that 7.8 is almost double 4.7. That's one large margin of error.

NotoriousWhiz262d ago

Everything is relative. Percentages are numbers. They are not ploys. They don't tell lies. Xbox sales are up 200%+ year over year. Xbox series consoles are selling ~50% of what the Ps5 consoles are selling. These are all facts, not ploys.

As an investor, you want to see growth. It's doesn't matter if your company is selling better than some other company. All that matters is that the $ you invested in that company is worth more than it was the year before.

Drew345262d ago

@ NotoriousWiz

I'm not sure if you know this but hardware sales games. If you don't have enough hardware, bargaining to get games on your platform will be harder.

buffig262d ago

I don't really care how many Xbox MS sell. But percentages are kind of a vague metric, even if they are factual. Saying sales of hardware we're up 200% isn't particularly revealing. The Xbox One was already a relatively poor selling system, even more so in the last year, prior to series XS being launched. Selling 200% more could mean they sold 6 consoles for all I know. They use percentages because revealing the true figures will always reflect negatively on them. "Hey guys, we sold less than half the consoles of our closest competitor. Oh actually we don't have competitors any more. I just remembered. We weren't very competitive at selling games, so we stopped revealing how many games we sold and started counting bullets fired in a game, my bad. So yeah anyway. Engagement is up 2000% or something. And services..Yeah, that's it, services"

InUrFoxHole262d ago

I'm not sure you understand the xbox catalog.

NotoriousWhiz262d ago

@Buffig, as an investor the exact number sold of a console doesn't matter.

Suppose company A is worth 1 mil and only manages to sell 100 units annually.
Company B is worth 1 bil and sells a mil units annually.

Investor 1 puts a 10k investment into company A.
Investor 2 puts a 10k investment into company B.

Company A doubles their output and effectively doubles the value of their company to 2 mil.
Investor 1's money is now worth 20k

Company B simply matches their output and the value of their company increases by a mil to 1.01 billion.
Investor 2's money is now worth 10.1k.

As a gamer, sells matter (sort of, but not really). The console that sells the most is likely to have the most exclusives and the first versions of many games. But at the end of the day, as a gamer, all that matters is that console has the types of games I'm interested in. While it is more likely to be the console with more games, it won't be true for everyone which is why the other consoles are still selling.

DJStotty261d ago


I'm not sure if you know this, but software (games) drive hardware sales, at this moment in time, the only gamers picking up Series S or X are the loyal fanbase.

Xbox does not have many games at the moment, thus it creates a narrative of no urgency to purchase.

PS5 on the other hand, has newly released games, which in turn is driving the console sales with a combination of new owners, and loyal fanbase.

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Rude-ro262d ago

It is only representative of last year.
But since they are always spinning numbers... along with vgcharts, it just tells you how bad last year was for them.

Father__Merrin262d ago

They not bothered about console sales neither are n4g fans they only want gamepass subs

Ratchet75261d ago

Up 232% compared to last year xbox one quarterly.

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foker262d ago

things that are wrong,..
- It is VGC

King_Noctis262d ago

You have other more reliable source in mind?

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