Harrison: Home is "brilliantly realised"

Atari president and former Sony studio boss Phil Harrison has heaped praise on PlayStation Home, telling Eurogamer that his former company has "brilliantly realised their ambitions".

Harrison, speaking earlier this week at the Atari Live event, revealed that he was on the beta for the PS3 virtual world, and predicted that Sony "will have a very successful platform" with the project that was created under his stewardship.

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InMyOpinion3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

From stewardship to sinking ship(Atari).

Ashton3695d ago

come on Sony give him his job back,,,he said some stuff about the wii that he really didn't mean ;)

San anto3695d ago

He said some shiit to the developers over at evolution as well, daem southern bstrd.

whoelse3695d ago

We still miss you Phil!

ruibing3695d ago

Yeah, his talents are being wasted at Atari.

Avto3695d ago

Atari is such a poor place for him, I mean he made Playstation so successful, what he does in Atari is beyond me, although he did manage to make Alone In The Dark for PS3 somehow better than other versions.

pain777pas3695d ago

I have to say that I think Phil was too hasty though Atari's lineup is looking good. I would like him to comeback and Sony will take him back they miss him and we do too plus Kaz and Tretton are the only real recognizable faces along with Dille and Jaffe to some extent but Phil was the man. Honest in everyway from the beginning.

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AngryHippo3695d ago

...liked this guy for Sony. I thought Phil was a good spokesman for the company. Come back Phil Harrison.

pwnsause3695d ago

he was one of the guys that helped create the PS brand to what it is today after its 3 generations.

ultimolu3695d ago

Come baaaaack. We miss joo! >-<

Marty83703695d ago

More a rewarding challenge to improve Atari's situation.

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The story is too old to be commented.