Game Informer: Killzone 2 Hands-On War Journal

Game Informer: "It's hard to talk about Killzone 2 without mentioning the mind-blowing CG video that Sony showed off at E3 a few years ago. Like everyone else, I was in a state of 'holy crap' after seeing the trailer and left wondering if it was real or not. Flash forward to today, and now it's time to play a bit of the game to find out. Developer Guerrilla Games has been hard at work for years now on Killzone 2, so we decided to take a run through the beginning portions of the game."

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gameraxis3698d ago

well scripted doesn't bother me...i always thought a shooter needs scripted, things like the building exploding, its not forcing it on ya which is what i like, its just like ok i'm gonna clear that building jump on the turret and OHHH WOOOWW that was sick, see how that crumbled?? lol