A "Recovery Road Map" Is In Place For Call Of Duty 2021

Activision are implementing a “recovery road map”, according to a prominent industry leaker for this year's Call Of Duty title.

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StoneyYoshi649d ago

Im skipping the next title most likely since I'm still quite content with just MW 2019. A recovery rode map before release just gets me very worried.

DJStotty649d ago

It speaks of a studio, that is running out of ideas in my view.

DJStotty649d ago

I've got a recovery road map for you Activision :-

1 ) Take MP back to it's foundation, and get rid of all the AI assisted c%^p, Aim assistance/skill gap compression/lag compensation/P2P hosting

2 ) Release a campaign that makes sense, Cold War campaign made no sense and was the shortest, easiest campaign to date.

Just do them 2 things and you have another winner on your hands, rinse and repeat again and the failure will be even larger.

SierraGuy648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

I think they fkd up with the br nonsense.

Why alienate your core audience after all these years?

Br makes me never want to buy another COD and clearly cold war didn't live up to expectations.