Two years later, Stadia finally gets a search bar to help you find games

Google Stadia has been around for a couple of years now, and the platform has seen numerous changes since its inception in late 2019. Now, the company is finally adding a search bar on the game streaming platform to help users find games more quickly.

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Darkborn52d ago

They need to make themselves a search bar for ideas to stay afloat.

TheEnigma31352d ago

It’s created by google but didn’t have a search bar? Smh

lodossrage52d ago

Yeah, I think everyone is stunned by that.

The company that built its dominance at first with revolutionizing the importance of the search, not having it in one of their products at the start is outrageous.

But it's just one more thing that shows us they don't care about Stadia as much as they like to try to convey they do.

Shiken51d ago

Is there even enough worthwhile game on it to need a search bar?

isarai51d ago

Wait what? 🤣 the Google service, didn't even have a basic search function? Wow

Relientk7751d ago

You need a search bar for 6 games?