Rip and tear your wallet as Numskull Designs unveil DOOM Collectible Figurines

James writes: "Numskull Designs are no strangers to creating merchandise that ties in to major franchises, with a recent collaboration producing a range of Xbox and Halo goodies. Now though, they’ve announced a new line of collectible figurines, which are heading our way from July onwards and we guarantee your excitement levels are going to go through the roof. Brace yourself for a range of badass DOOM figurines to rip and tear whatever money you possess!"

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REDGUM44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

$41.99 for the 1st piece in the set of 12 total. I can't seem to see the prices on the others in the set though so maybe this is staggered release. Presuming they are all similarly priced that's a $503 set plus postage. It's a cool idea and look well made but a little expensive for only 5-7 inch high figurines.

ScootaKuH44d ago

They're quite cool looking, but do we really need more figures? Is the market not already saturated?

agnosticgamer44d ago

Well... I guess for fans of Doom? They look cool but I'm not a buyer.

ScootaKuH43d ago

I'm a fan of doom, but I don't need more plastic littering my home.

I will say at least Numskull do put some effort into their figurines. They do look very detailed. Much better than Pop! Vinyls.