SHIFT: Movie studios are protecting themselves to death

Times are tough. With financial resources dwindling by the minute, the movie-viewing public recoils in horror as Hollywood asks them to pay $39.99 for a film on Blu-ray disc. But there are ways to watch those flicks that are more economical. Just in time for cash-strapped film buffs to snap them up, increased bandwidth and processor power are making it practical to stream or download HD movies to living rooms and home theaters.

Sounds good, but there's a catch. Those production studios are holding out on us. Look at the Netflix HD service on the Xbox 360, the super-sharp HDX movies on the Vudu set-top box, HD movies via Apple TV, and you see the same story every time: thousands of movies and nothing on.

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Darkseider3695d ago

$39.99 for a Blu-Ray? I haven't spent more than $25 on any of mine and avg. around $20 - $21. The MPAA may want that price but it ain't gonna happen simply because the distributors and studios want to make money on BD not lose money.

sloth33953694d ago

I have got some Blu-ray movies on Amazon brand new for as low as $10 but most are around 20-25