Apex Legends Mobile first impressions: Mobile Gaming at its best

The first public beta test version of Apex Legends Mobile has been released in selected regions. We at MGH were lucky enough to get our hands on the game and we have been playing Apex Mobile all day long. So it's time for our first impressions of the game. Let's discuss the controls, graphics, gunfights, and much more.

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1181d ago
BlackDoomAx1181d ago

To many stuff appearing on the screen. If the movements aren't done well, better not even release it. But here is my guess: even if the game is broken, people will spend money in it, and EA will be happy and never change the main issues while offering new ways to buy stuff every week.

1179d ago

Apex Legends Unveils New Battle Pass That Costs Twice As Much

It can’t be bought with in-game currency, either

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Snookies1214d ago

Disgusting, glad I quit this game a while back.


Apex Legends Is Changing How Battle Pass Works & Fans Are Not Happy

Starting with Season 22, EA and Respawn Entertainment are changing how the Apex Legends Battle Pass works, and fans are not happy.

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Furesis15d ago

It was just a matter of time, cant let people get shit for free forever.
It is a bad change but i don't think people will stop playing for this

Furesis15d ago

To add to this, personally i always bought the BP since i used the coins to buy packs so for me the biggest thing is now i have to pay more, DOUBLE the amount which is a HUGE increase. If it only had 1 BP then for me nothing would have changed but i think they went too ham on the monetization so i may stop buying future BP's since it already felt like a job at times and this just makes it worse all around. Can't take any breaks AND it costs more, just to keep the engagement numbers high and keep the money flowing, shame on you EA but we already knew they were rotten to the core it was just a matter of a time.


Apex Legends Getting New Quads Takeover on June 25

Apex Legends is getting its first-ever Quads game mode beginning on June 25, and here's everything players need to know before dropping in.

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