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Housemarque is back

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Father__Merrin47d ago

Clear 100% fanboy review, has this been an xbox exclusive they would have said its something new and truly special

zumlauf1447d ago

god its hard being a ps fan sometimes. Housemarque has consistently made games from the 7-high 8 range average. and exoected a 10 all of a sudden. blind fanboyism is cringe

Highrevz47d ago

The article gave mostly praise for the game, called it good and gave it 7.5/10

Are you referring to the part about rest mode and it’s issues with saves because that’s very much a thing on PlayStation and has been since PS4.

Sol4ris47d ago

Yes sure 🤣. Any site that doesn't give high ratings to Returnal is reviewed by a fanboy.
Talk about paranoid delusion, the absolute depth of fanboys.😅

Jericho133747d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Literally every review this game has with a score under 8 has been trashed as being a fanboy/paid review. The level of delusion/insecurity is hilarious.

EDIT - looks like IGNs 8 score is getting trashed too lol.

foker47d ago

IGN should be trashed even if they gave it 10,.. They are on MS payola so obviously it hurts,.. As reliable as Moody's and Finch giving AAA ratings to subprime mortgages or us debt.

Jericho133747d ago

And yet in the last year they’ve given Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima and Demons Souls a 9, and Last of Us 2 a 10… yeah all that Microsoft money is clearly clouding their judgement.

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