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Returnal's runs are too long for their own good, but the moment-to-moment action is phenomenal in this surprisingly lengthy and deep third-person shooter roguelike

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Babadook7262d ago

IGNorant always low balls every PS game.

BenRC01262d ago

Maybe its not that great?

Fishy Fingers262d ago

Bragging about an 86, crying about an 8


Babadook7262d ago

Didn't brag, didn't cry. I said lowballing.

Neonridr262d ago

so then 80 isn't too far off from that is it?

Chevalier262d ago

8 out of 10 seems pretty great

CaptainHenry916262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

If Gamespot gave it a 9 then you know it's great lol GameSpot are the typical 7 to 8 guys.

Drew345262d ago

Ok, if ANYONE considers an 86 on Metacritic bad, then you should toss out Games like Spider-Man, Batman, Miles Morales, Street Fighter, Warhawk, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Halo and that list goes on.

The game is a hit and it's going to sale boat loads.

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darthv72262d ago

But dook... they arent the only ones who gave it an 8. Ive seen other 8 as well as 7.5 and even a 6. Why not go attack those reviews then?

Babadook7262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

I'm calling them out on doing it 'consistently'. Surely you caught that.

Tacoboto262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

By giving a 9 to Demon's Souls?
And a 9 to Spider-Man Miles Morales?
And a 9 to Ghost of Tsushima?
How about that perfect 10 for The Last of Us 1 and 1 Remastered and 2?
Spider-Man Remastered even got a higher rating than the base PS4 Spider-Man!

All on IGN

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alb1899262d ago

When Gamespot and IGN gives the score you don't want then they are must be 8 years old.

Babadook7262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

When IGN lowballs almost every big ps game score vs the industry, that's not just an opinion, its a demonstrable fact.

Gamespot gave it a 9.

DOMination-262d ago

a whole 1 point lower... serious stuff

metalhead262d ago

Gamespot is just picky. They gave Demons Souls GOTY and that was a PS exclusive

Babadook7262d ago

Correct. Lower than industry (consistently) is lowballing..

RazzerRedux262d ago

8 is a great score. Metacritic is 86. This not lowballing.

If you want to complain about lowballing, here is the article for you:

Babadook7262d ago

Actually low balling can refer to any consistent reduction. In this case its a 10% reduction.

RazzerRedux262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

"Actually low balling can refer to any consistent reduction. In this case its a 10% reduction."

Nonsense. This isn't a "reduction" at all. IGN released their score at the same time as everyone else so what are they "reducing" the score from? And 10% reduction? What is that? Reduced from what? You are not making any sense.

Edit: Here are the last three PS games with their metacritic and IGN's scores:

Ghost of Tsushima
Metacritic 83
IGN 90

Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Metacritic 84
IGN 90

The Last of Us Part 2
Metacritic 93
IGN 10

IGN scored higher on every one. So this claim you are making that IGN is "consistently lowballing" is just factually wrong.

darthv72262d ago

I guess some people just want to watch the world (and IGN) burn

SpeedDemon262d ago

Not this again... It's an 8 which is a good score. Not every Sony exclusive is deserving of a 10, get over it.

Sayai jin262d ago

I think you hit the nail on the head.

King_Noctis262d ago

So why did they give The Last of Us 2 a 10/10?

SyntheticForm262d ago

They scored it an "8" and that's lowballing?

Edgelordsupreme262d ago

This isn’t a monetary transaction you emotionally stunted goon. Just because Metacritics average is 86 it doesn’t mean that’s going to be true for each and every person. Anyone with half a developed brain should be able to realize this, honestly dude I think you need to maybe sit this whole video game commentary thing out. It’s not for you.

ProLogY262d ago

1st, this is verifiably untrue
2nd, you haven’t played the game yet. Maybe give it a shot and form your own opinion based on your hands on experience before blindly assuming an 8 is unreasonably low.

CrimsonWing69262d ago

I think it just goes to show how useless are.

foker262d ago

They have been on MS payola for years now,.. So how is this strange even.

AngelicIceDiamond262d ago

8 is a great score wtf you talkin about? It's been getting praise through previews all last week a sound 8 isn't low balling anything it's a great score. If you're expecting a 10 that's your personal fault.

ravens52262d ago

Does bring the average down.

dolfa261d ago

8/10 low? Seems to me as above average is success. Anyway i would not trust early reviews as they are not always very acurate as seen in recent example of Outriders, that got very high score, but then the negative reviews came week later.

261d ago
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Father__Merrin262d ago

The reviewer is a fanboy bottom line is this a a fresh new style of game that we've not seen before including bullet hell tropes in an action game. But nope it's on the wrong system.....

LiViNgLeGaCY262d ago

Except, an 8 is a great score. Metacritic an 86. This is doing great critically.

WiiBoxStation262d ago

I think an 86 is especially impressive for a game like this. The game's primary gameplay mechanic just simply isn't as accessible and "for everyone" as a lot of blockbusters tend to be.

phoenixwing262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

merrin you have to remember that new things aren't universally praised. For instance when demon souls came out some reviewers complained about the difficulty. Not until later iterations came did it become industry standard to say "git gud" as a critique on the reviewer instead of saying it was too hard. Now people just go "oh that's a souls like difficulty" which it earned by being consistent and establishing itself.

Also a game like death stranding while new, was completely mixed when it came to reviewers. Being new doesn't equal automatic praise. In fact if you ever try to introduce something new to certain people their first instinct is to not like it and want their old way of doing things.

Edit: and like the people above said an 86 or even a 80 is not a bad score for a new unproven ip

--Onilink--262d ago

New style of game? Its a rogue like third person shooter.... and they gave it an 8, which is a good score, with perfectly understandable and well explained criticisms.
What exactly is the problem here?

oldenjon262d ago

I'm definitely buying this game. If I hear one more complaint about the average looking female protagonist I'm going to hurl. It's following the tradition of females in space, i.e. Samus, Ellen Ripley. Sigourney Weaver is not really that hot guys, it doesn't make Alien less awesome, actually the opposite is probably true.

galmi262d ago

am getting it strictly for gameplay, the loop looks awesome

Highrevz262d ago

Lost me when you got to Sigourney not being hot😌

Youngindy21262d ago

She's not though. She's flat as a board w/ average looks.

darthv72262d ago

to me, this chick looks like that Soccer player with the pink hair.

Flawlessmic262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Lol expect this to be the review with comments going one way or the other.

If u have a ps5 do urself a favour and buy it.

If ur a sony hater or wanted this game to fail because its $70, take ur salty ass outta here.

oldenjon262d ago

Yeah I don't get why people think games prices should not adjust for inflation, especially as development is becoming more expensive. It's like they want micro transactions and less content / more DLC or something.

Thundercat77262d ago

The game is getting a lot of positive reviews. I pre ordered the game but knowing the media, I wasn't expecting such a great reception.

Flawlessmic262d ago

Pre ordered mine as well, knew it wpuld be good but definitely didnt see this reviews coming, i thought due to the difficulty and type of game it would be a lot more divisive.

Speaks to how good the game is when u factor that in!

Edgelordsupreme262d ago

So I guess you don’t know the media you overly sensitive little lady.