PlayStation 5 Nike sneakers coming in May, says report

Show everyone on the street where you stand in the console wars.

Nike brand partnerships lead to some of the most desired sneakers around, as is evident from the collaboration with rapper Travis Scott, whose latest Jordan 6 shoes sold out in minutes. If availability of the upcoming PlayStation 5 sneakers is anything like that of the console they're based on, expect the shoes to be hard to find once they're released.

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darthv7253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

There have been Xbox shoes and Nintendo shoes... guess the time is right for PlayStation shoes.

RavenTears53d ago

PlayStation already have shoes before with Nike.

Notellin53d ago

The PG 2.5 playstation edition shoe is awesome. I don't think PS5 version will top that for me.

Inverno53d ago

Much rather have shoes themed around specific PS games. Cause those look ugly. Gimme some Astro Bot themed shoes with a simple design and no obvious ugly logo

Seraphim53d ago

bots will probably scoop most of them up anyway.

Knightofelemia52d ago

Wish Sega had a pair of shoes