Save 30% on NES Controllers for Nintendo Switch Online

The pair of NES Controllers for Nintendo Switch Online are currently discounted for members, and it is the first time they have ever dropped in price. Deal is currently live and ends on May 4th.

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spicelicka43d ago

30% off any Nintendo product is still overpriced.

Jeriphro42d ago

Nintendo still holds the value of their products high, and it usually benefits them greatly. I mean, if you want to criticize quality, be my guest, but Nintendo is usually the most dependable major company out there (And before you go on about JoyCon drift and such, I know, but I did say "usually" haha).

spicelicka42d ago

Yep I won't disagree with that, they price their products high because people pay for them. I will criticize them for not being generous to their consumer base though, 30 year old games for example may be quality games but they are also 30 years old and don't need to be priced so high, specially when they're easily playable elsewhere. I will also criticize their consumer base for bending over and paying for these things. At the end of the day it's important be reasonably vocal because it can help fellow gamers.