PlayStation Plus games for May: Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last.

All playable on May 4.

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BigBosss1145d ago

Nice lineup of games! Wreckfest gives me Destruction Derby vibes and love BF games and Stranded Deep looks pretty awesome :)

Jin_Sakai1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Wreckfest is good fun. Been wanting to try Stranded Deep also. Great month!

outsider16241145d ago

Any chance for us who don't own a ps5 yet can add it to library?

Jin_Sakai1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

“Any chance for us who don't own a ps5 yet can add it to library?”

Yes you can.

“If you want to be able to play this on your future PS5, you can add it to your library via the PlayStation app on smartphones or the PlayStation web store. Simply log into your PSN account with either of these, find the game via search, and click Add to Library.


TallDarknWavy1145d ago

Wreckfest is the most fun you can have with your pants on ^_^
Racing with a Sofa and an engine inside it, RV's, Combines, Big Rigs, monster trucks and School buses all through a tight figure 8 track smashing into each other at the cross section, it's absolute madness!

strifeblade1144d ago

So old. All these games on game pass already... Yawn. You might see well get assassin's Creed brotherhood. Yawn.

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LucasRuinedChildhood1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

It's interesting that Wreckfest PS5 was said to be releasing in June. It looks like they've pushed up the release date for PS Plus.

TGGJustin1145d ago

Yeah seems PS Plus owners get exclusive access to it this month before it launches in June. I just hope that the game is finished and we aren't getting an unfinished version early

crazyCoconuts1145d ago

Should have DualSense features + a host of graphical upgrades. Looking forward to trying this

darthv721145d ago

Wreckfest is fun. The first heat has you riding lawnmowers in a destruction derby fashion.

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Smok911145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

I built Wreckfest up too much. So disappointed when I played it lol

GamerRN1145d ago

I think it's more enjoyable than Destruction All Stars. I was super hyped about that game and it let me down...

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SullysCigar1145d ago

PS Plus has been in fire these past few months - loving it!

JEECE1145d ago

But BF V sucks because that one guy in that one trailer had a prosthetic arm.

JEECE1145d ago

I know lol. Should have added the /s, but thought it would be implicit.

jznrpg1145d ago

Why would a guy with a prosthetic arm be bad anyway? Soldiers get their limbs blown off all of the time .

Eonjay1145d ago

People were trying to say that it wasn't historically accurate but news alert, this game is not historically accurate at all. It is a game based loosely on reality.

DaCajun1144d ago

That's not why people didn't buy it, omg people just hear these over sensationalized headlines and believe that crap. The game was just bad from the start, player visibility was horrible. It was a big camping fest, ttk vs ttd was crap and it still is, they kept changing it more than a dozen times and it's still garbage. Weapons were so unbalanced and still are today. You had to run a mile just to get ammo and a med pack from the start of a match no health regen which is not bad but you have medics that don't heal or revive. The maps are huge and 64 players. No one wants to run for 5 minutes to find action just to run out of bullets in 30 secs then take another minute or 2 looking for more ammo. Snipers were overpowered so all you had was maps full of snipers. No one PTFO. Tons of people glitchy into the map. A tank map with 10 tanks but 64 players with overpowered tanks and underpowered antitank weapons, so you end up with people in the score board with 100+ kills 0 deaths. It would take maybe 8-10 hits from an antitank weapons to take one down depending where you shot it but you only got 2 in your kit. Game is filled with typical EA microtransactions. BF1 is better but BFBC 2 will always be my favorite. Tried playing BFV again last month it was dead, it had maybe 3 unfilled matches in PS4 and the game still played like garbage, they didn't really fix anything. They stopped supporting it over a year ago. EA ruins franchises with their greed.

seanpitt231145d ago

No.. I will tell you why I didn’t buy this game it’s because of that D-head who said “if you don’t like it don’t buy it”.. after all the controversial you don’t say these things your alienating your fan base who actually pays your wages.

Plus the ww2 setting is way off what i Imagined so I didn’t buy it but now it’s free on ps plus I will play it..

Redemption-641145d ago

I mean that guy is speaking facts. If you don't like something, don't buy it, I don't know why that triggered so many people. Also let's not forget the devs were being attacked for weeks if I am not mistaken, called woke or SJWs, after the very first trailer for the game dropped because a woman had a metal arm.

monkey6021145d ago

Yeah I'm on board with his retort I'll be honest. If someone has a problem with something like that then they should be told to shut up and move on.

People can't win these days. You don't change something you get flak. You do change it and you're pandering or helping an agenda.

Unless something is extremely insensitive to someone effected by it in an understandable and sympathetic way, and upon being told you feel it would be best to change it because you had been ignorant to it prior, then nobody should be forced to alter their vision and anyone sour about it should just move on with their lives and use their focus elsewhere

franwex1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

And look, at the end you will still support them. If you download this-they get a small cut from Sony.

Or just move on and have fun.

I didn’t buy the game-but I did find the whole controversy funny.

Like the female Nazi Zombies on COD WW2. Wow.

Edgelordsupreme1144d ago

I wonder what the overlap was between the people who complained about being told not to buy it if they disliked it, and the people who claim the artists intent is sacred.

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CobraKai1145d ago

Just jokes everybody. Everyone’s so serious.

IMissJimRyan1145d ago

Nice guy syndrome.