Tencent, Sony, Square Enix invest in cloud gaming company Ubitus

Tencent led the funding round, but the amount raised was not disclosed

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ApocalypseShadow45d ago

Very interesting investments. Cloud gaming may be cornered in Japan before competitors even get there from abroad.

And good or bad, it looks like Tencent is making themselves known that they are a force in the game industry.

phoenixwing45d ago

while that may be true, I can't get over the picture choice. Who in their right mind wants to play a fighting game on the cloud where any amount of lag can spell defeat?

CrimsonWing6945d ago

I mean... isn't that kind of the case with net code and playing anything online?

lodossrage43d ago


although you have a point, playing on the cloud is an additional hurdle on top of that. I see phoenix's reasoning.

VTKC45d ago

Tencent?! Oh boy. The other companies have lost the plot to be involved with Tencent