Naughty Dog's PS3 Game Finally Titled

One of the more exciting games shown at E3 2006, one that seemed to jolt the gathered audience to consciousness after Kaz Hirai's hypnotist act, was Naughty Dog's jungle runner that showed up without a proper name. Now, thanks to the trademark hounds at NeoGAF, we can start calling it Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Awkward? Yes, but better than "Untitled Naughty Dog Game."

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no_more_heroes5713d ago

good. Now hurry and get this bad boy out ND!! I love naughty dog games!!

soccerstar5713d ago

same here i cant wait for this game to come out

MissAubrey5713d ago

My most anticipated game for ps3.

silent ninja5713d ago

i love these types of game .exploring, solving puzzles yep sounds like my type pf game

Sashy5713d ago


This game looks freaking awsome !

Check the trailer !


nanometric5713d ago

OMFG, thats SIIIIiiiiiiiick! I hope thats real-time graphics, without pre-render

Blu-Print5713d ago

Doesn't roll off the tongue, but I expect this game to be packed with fun action and maybe even chases.

Shadow Flare5713d ago

People will probably refer to it as Uncharted. I mean we dont call GT, Gran Turismo: The Real Driving Simulator

I've never actually played a Jak game but everyone says they're good. I'll have to check them out

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