Sony Aims to "Aggressively Invest" in First-Party Studios & Continue to Partner With External Devs

During Sony’s quarterly conference call CFO Hiroki Totoki talked about the forecast for the current fiscal year ending on March 2022.

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Jin_Sakai1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Great to hear. Sony have some of the best developers on earth. Hopefully they acquire Housemarque should Returnal do well. Game looks amazing!

DJStotty1149d ago

They do not mention new acquisitions, but more financial investment in the in-house studios :-

"To enhance the software offering, Sony aims to continue investing in partnering with external studios in addition to “aggressively investing” in in-house studios."

So i think they will get more timed content from 3rd parties, along with investing in 1st party. Housemarque may not set them back that much, maybe a few million, but it is whether they would prefer to create new 1st party studios from scratch, or buyout existing talent.

Nyxus1149d ago

In the recent Nikkei interview, Jim Ryan said that they do not rule out the option of acquisitions like Insomniac. https://www.reddit.com/r/PS...

DJStotty1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )


Why so defensive? I never said they never would?

Jim said (in the interview you linked) that they will not rule out that option, not that they are going to be actively engaging in acquisitions, just like i commented, but for some reason it has got your back up, and your going all in defense, deny and deflect mode.

Jim Quote - "We have engaged in mergers and acquisitions several times in the past, such as with Insomniac Games. We will not rule out that option in the future."

In other words, if their hand is forced, they will, but they are not going to buy studios, just for the sake of it.

I even said Housemarque might not set them back that much.

Nyxus1149d ago

@ DJStotty: Defensive? All out defense, deny and deflect mode? What are you talking about, I was just giving some additional information from the Jim Ryan interview, don't see what's so defensive about that...

1149d ago
DJStotty1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )


I said in my initial comment about acquiring, and you replied with "Jim Ryan said that they do not rule out the option of acquisitions" it sounded like you were making it out like i said they would not make acquisitions, so i thought it was a defence reply.

I apologize if i misinterpreted your comment.

IMO, Sony will invest more in what they already have, than buy current studios, that is just my opinion that is all.

It is

Nyxus1149d ago

@ DJStotty: it was simply meant as an addition to your comment, some extra context.

bouzebbal1149d ago

Omg please don't let this series die especially after they butchered it with the second episode

DJStotty1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )


In which case, i wholeheartedly apologize.

I guess i am just that used to backlash on my comments i instantly assume every one is a pop lol

On topic, Returnal looks like a really interesting game, and Sony would make a good acquisition there if they do.

Viking_mo1149d ago

Actually Jim Ryan has mentioned it few times. He said they will continue to invest in new IP from 3rd party studios as well as buying and merging with studios

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jznrpg1148d ago

A few million? Yeah that’s way too cheap lol

Army_of_Darkness1148d ago

Sony doesn't purchase studios because they get pressured too like MS. Sony buy studios that have great potential and has already proven themselves, like insomniac's spider man and their ratchet and clank series for example...

DJStotty1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


"You clearly have an agenda with the comments you seem to make. Sony doesn't need a bunch of acquisitions to prove they can deliver amazing games."

No, i have absolutely no agenda, i mentioned in another comment Sony do not need any more studios to compete with Microsoft for the next couple of years, but i will repost that comment here, to prove i have no bias/agenda, i am a gamer :-

"Exactly my point, Sony do not need to buy more, as Microsoft 1st party will be slow for the next few years."

"Sony will not need to buy more 1st party studios for a good few years yet, Sony have enough 1st party studios and 1st party games to match Microsoft's 1st party output for a good few years to come in the future."

You can bet your bottom dollar in around 4-5 years, IF and i mean IF Microsoft somehow manage to output more 1st party than Sony, then like Jim Ryan has said, the option of acquisitions is always on the table to boost the 1st party library.

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DeadSilence1149d ago

Jimbo can't get away with this!

XiNatsuDragnel1149d ago

Great to hear that Sony is putting in that work.

blackblades1149d ago

So around August is when the production will increase. Probably a little bit over a year there might be a revision. As of now I dont see what they can revise.

Flawlessmic1149d ago

Sounds good to me, keep the quality games coming 👌👌

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