Guardian slams NME's misjudged gaming slur

NME: "Rock 'n' roll is about f*****g, games are about w*****g"

Games - not the 'new' Rock n' Roll... thankfully.

This week, ailing music weekly the NME ran a feature on the 'power-struggle' between games and music, with some all-too-predictable shock-value reporting from ageing punk journalist Steven Wells, and some even-more-predicable quotes from writer David Quantick and the joke band Nickleback.

NME writer David Quantick chipped in with: "Games are not rock 'n' roll, they're metal – aggressive, loud, violent and scared of women. You can't dance to a game or have sex to it.

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zoydwheeler3696d ago

TAKING SOME DRUGS and then playing Guitar Hero with his mates. He would laugh his ageing bollocks off!

hay3696d ago

I think with this attitude he don't have any friends.

Calcio3696d ago

NME is so lame these days that all it can do is stand on the sidelines and sling ill-judged rocks at the more successful. best bet? Ignore the rantings of a magazine that died in all but name years ago

tristanmike3696d ago

Well, there's DDR, which is a game, that you "dance" to.

Also, my ex had this thing with Socom where she would get all turned on by me giving commands via the headset and would insist that I play while she.... well, what I mean to say is that sex and games can go together too.