Where The Hell Did Creativity Go?

An article on the lack of creativity of the functionality of gaming systems and games themselves.

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Sarick3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I kind of agree with this. These days it seems games are being designed more for eye candy then actual innovation. It's kind of hard to innovate considering we've already saved the world, saved the princess, figured out all the puzzles or learned to stack bricks under pressure.

One things for sure I'll always love a good JRPG. Those stories keep me coming back sadly they seem to be a dying market. The sad part about it is even these are starting to become stagnant when devs are more worried about HQ then story or content. The first Dragon Warrior, Metroid, Zelda and Tetris where horrible 8 bit graphics but they where still very fun.

Sometimes I miss the days when graphic stunk. Back then the developers tried much harder work around technology. IMO they're more into getting things working then actually making them fun.

EX:Look at LittleBigPlanet Great game a lot of bata testing and design. Yet you still have to go through multiple steps just to text chat and even then the software keyboard is still a cell phone interface. Forget using a keyboard you still need to open the popit menu select speach bubble just for the keyboard to function!

gw4k3694d ago

Sure we all want creative games and games that break new ground. Of course, you have to look at it from a business aspect. With the cost of making games now equal to movies, there isn't much room to make a mistake. Most companies will continue to bring out the same because they have a track record of selling.

If you were a business person and you had two products, one that was based on another item that had a good selling history, the other item was new, untested and more risky, which would you go with?

I certainly see both sides here.