Microsoft Boasts "Record" Xbox Engagement & More Among "Significant" Demand for Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft hosted its financial conference CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood talked about the Xbox business and its performance.

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EasilyTheBest55d ago

Microsoft is in Beast mode at the moment they are do amazingly well..

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Zeref55d ago

Lol some people are super angry at Xbox doing well 🤣🤣

dumahim55d ago

They could sell a billion consoles, and I wouldn't care. It doesn't mean anything until there's something there I want to play.

CobraKai55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@dumahim. I’m 100% with you there. I’m not sold on Gamepass as I still have my Xbox and 360 and all the games that I’ve bought for it. And also my 5 games for the One.

Nineball211255d ago

It seems that way, doesn't it? We should all want both systems to do good, so each has competition to better themselves.

The Series X IS a beast, but yeah... there needs to be some "must have" first party exclusives for the system. I'm actually lucky because this is my first Xbox. So, playing all the previous games TRULY is new for me. Game Pass is actually a bit overwhelming for me right now.

It might be a few years before the Bethesda purchase pays off, but when then next Fallout is exclusive to Xbox, people with only a PS5 are gonna have to get an Xbox if they want to play it.

I know that I'll eventually have to get a PS5 if I want to play all the Sony exclusives.

Like I said... things are great for both systems right now and we should all be thankful that we can play all these great games.

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NeoGamer23254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

No gamer should be rating MS on how well their revenues are doing. Revenues do not make the best consoles, best games, and help gamers in any way, shape, or form. Revenues is the money that the vendor collects from gamers and that is it. I wouldn't call what they are doing as "Killing it", "Doing Well", or "Beast Mode" right now.

From a console sales front they are third. So, there is a lot of room for improvement.

From a first party new games for the new generation front they have nothing. Hopefully, Halo Infinite will set the stage for many good first party games after. There is Psychonauts 2 probably this summer and Flight Simulator, but I doubt anyone is looking at those games as setting standards for the new generation. Other then that, that is all MS currently has promised for this year.

From a operating system/firmware front they used the same firmware/OS they used the previous generation. There is good and bad to that. The good... The OS has a lot more features then other consoles. The bad, there was no major innovation in the latest OS. Including no support for 4K in on the XB dashboard.

From a 3rd party front they are doing good. They are getting a lot more Japanese games and it looks like none of the 3rd parties are shying away from XB anymore. MS has stopped the bleeding here and can start building again. Like they did for the first years of 360.

From a services perspective they are killing it. GamePass is doing really well. Their store has a lot of good features, and while Sony is abandoning movie sales, XB continues to support that. Also, xCloud is really good. I am on the beta for Windows and iOS support and think that MS' gaming anywhere strategy is really appealing to someone like me that travels a lot.

From a backwards compatibility front they are also killing it. With many BC features like Smart Delivery, FPS Boost, etc.

So, while MS is doing really good in some areas, they have a lot of room for improvement in others. I would give them a B+ right now. If they start delivering on the first party front I would move them to an A, and if they start lifting console sales near second place and get full 3rd party support I would move them to an A+ (which is killing it).

Nineball211254d ago (Edited 54d ago )


Fair point about PC. I tend to always forget that, as I'm just a console gamer.

And congrats on getting to play Returnal! It sounds like it's going to be a great game! And yeah, I'll wait to play it when I get a PS5 eventually. Thanks for the concern, though. I appreciate you worrying about me.

S2Killinit54d ago

Haven't we heard this before “best ever” “significant demand” “lots of stuff” the devil is in the details and MS currently doesn't like those.

Zeref54d ago


What does that have to do with what I said? Are you one of the angry ones? 😂

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purple10155d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Again, it appears they are doing well because they're comparing it to the year prior prehaps ?. when they had an abysmal year. One to forget.
Despite all there throwing around of heavy numbers subscriptions and suchlike... The real numbers from their acccouts show a different story this is what what investors and hedge funds and such use to invest & decide the true market of the share price/ value accordingly.
Not from marketing material that the company themselves throw out.

That's like walking into a McDonald's and singing poster saying ”we have the best burgers ever"

Of course they would say that! Etc...

So any increase, on the last few years, however big or small! -would be a huge increase on that unfortunate sales tally.

Sorry to throw shade again but you really can't waste figures and statistics to suit the picture you want to paint.

darthv7255d ago

I don't recall their financials being bad last year though.

Tacoboto55d ago

He can't even get the fiscal quarters he wants to compare to right, and it's an argument no one is pushing him to make.

Stop trying to throw shade, violet. You're bad at it.

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Atom66655d ago

Wrong quarter again. You're really bad at this.

Yes. Q2 2020 was lower than Q2 19. It was across the board as the gen wound down.

But Q3 20 was flat YOY. Not bad considering. Unless you've been sleeping, most of 2020 was then really good for tech companies. So it was flat in the quarter right before Q4 20, Q1 21, and Q2 21's covid boosts were seen. Where is this "abysmal year" you're talking about?

I can help you: HW in Q3 was 20% lower than the year before. GP was at 10m subs. Total revenue was flat.

Q3 21 (this one we're talking about) is up 50% total from last year. HW is up 200+%. Games and services up 30+%.

Highest Q3 they've ever had. On pace to post their highest FY ever by about 34%.

Investors are liking what they've been seeing generally from MS as a whole. Share prices should have settled out around 245-250, but they got pushed up about 10% this last month.

They'll settle down to about that range soon.

Nothing to spin or throw shade about. Their numbers are good.

jukins55d ago

Lmao gaming had little to do with any rise in stock price. 300% hw increase...the result of barely selling any the year before AND launching a new console. Games and services up only 30% during again sales so again looks good when coming from bad.

Lol its all spin...what company doesn't spin their numbers? Also when talking xbox theres never talk of profit, operating costs, only revenue.......wonder why

Atom66655d ago

Jukins, it'll be ok. Maybe their numbers will tank next time so you can feel better about it.

Put everything into the fanboy context:

XB is outsold by PS and NS every month.
nO gAmEz
Gamepass is losing money and destroying the industry...

Yet their numbers are going...up?


You are right that Xbox doesn't affect share price though. It's why I said MS as a whole. Tell OP about that insight.. also, despite not having those profit numbers you desperately crave, investors are ok with it. Almost like they don't care?

DJStotty55d ago

"The real numbers from their acccouts show a different story this is what what investors and hedge funds and such use to invest & decide the true market of the share price/ value accordingly."

And share value is up in line with the financial report, what does that tell you?

thesoftware73054d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@ Purple
But either way, better is better right? I'm not seeing anyone saying its earth shattering.

People are simply saying they are killing it because they like the direction MS has taken with the Series. It is a way better perception wise than the Xbox one was, and the potential with what they have done so far, ease of use, phenomenal BC, studio acquisitions and overall turn around has been a big deal which make this gen more interesting.

As much as we talk about sales on here, we all know that when it comes down to it the games is what matters and with all the recent acquisitions MS seems to actually be playing in the ball park now, While not immediate, the structure/foundation/roster is there and shouldn't be ignored.

purple10153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Hmm yeh I agree.

Maybe the point I was l making but not explaining clearly...

Microsoft as a whole is up 44% -but we'll never know the exact number of the Xbox division.…

Most likely down. Despite a rise in "engagement". In the UK and Europe at least, Xbox is pretty dead. You can see this by the shops giving them less and less space for display of games. Especially in the supermarkets and some shops / supermarkets I have been in recently only stock PlayStation!

It's never been this bad for them.
However maybe in the US, there still holding on.

Saying that their numbers in terms of sales of Xbox or tracking just as close to the the old Xbox one and as someone else come and said we all know how that gen ended.

With them outsold 2:1

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TheHan55d ago

Microsoft is doing great and fan trolls can’t stand that, I’m expecting a lot of triggers in these comments.

Napoca755d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Worst console launch ever from Ms. There really are no games from their studios, even now!
Without nadelas Bethesda money, they would have to fight like Sony & Nintendo and would be last likes always.

MagicLebronJordan55d ago

PS5 launch games were atrocious too. a Spiderman 10 hour DLC and a remake of a ps3 game does not make a good launch lineup. Stop the hate enjoy the consoles.

Darkborn55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

You forgot like 5 other games in that comment magic. Godfall, astros playroom was absolutely amazing, bugsnax and sackboys big adventure was cross play too like miles morales but it also launched day one. Throw in demons souls which is more than just a remaster. It was a full remake and of course miles morales like you said. Plus a remaster of Spiderman 2018. Since then we also got destruction all stars and about to get returnal in a couole days. What did Microsoft launch day one other than air farts? Oh yeah, the medium which lived up to its name. Microsoft with all the money in the world and 23 studios still struggles to produce one game and that's the sad part. Sony with 13 has more output. Hell insomniac alone has had more output with Spiderman 2018, spiderman remastered (2020) Spiderman miles morales and now ratchet and clank, plus another new IP in the works.

Xbox was lucky that Google decided to stop producing games or they might have made one first. Same with Amazon. It's sad that a supposed gaming publisher that owns a console in the big 3 can't make one game. They better watch out before Soulja boy releases another console and makes one game on it. It might have a better launch than the series consoles.

Zeref55d ago

You said twice, why are you this angry? 😂😂😂

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SpineSaw55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


"PS5 Launch games were atrocious too".....
What are you going on about? The launch games for the PS5 sold millions on the PS5 what more would you want? What launch games did Microsoft have? Let me look that up cause I don't know.........

Wait what? The Xbox Series consoles had no launch games, NO LAUNCH GAMES! And to this day Microsoft First Party has been unable to produce a single new game for their now 6 month old consoles. You got to be joking this has to be fake news?
So Microsoft the ones that spent billions on buying game developers by the dozens can't produce one single game and on top of that they have a rental service and need to produce content for as well? Lol
Ohh my god! Your telling me Microsoft can't produce a game for their rental service and they had pay Sony to put new content on that rental service.... Wow!
This is the best comedy I've cone across since Trump got fired. I didn't realise things at Xbox were in such mess but when I left Xbox 8yrs ago the writing was on the wall so no surprise. They should've fired Don Mattrick a looooong time ago and maybe they could get that train back on a track.. But at least Microsoft stands behind their Long standing motto "We don't care and it shows"! ....... This is to funny!

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DJStotty54d ago

"Without nadelas Bethesda money, they would have to fight like Sony & Nintendo and would be last likes always."

They are performing well revenue/profit wise, before they even eat any of that Zenimax cake, once them games start being released, figures will go through the roof.

Perhaps it is that that hurts you so much, i dunno.....

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giovonni55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Don’t mind me just here to read the hate

warriorcase55d ago

Lol same. I don't have an xbox but still check. Usually anything xbox related on N4G is met with majority negativity.

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