Konami: "No comment" on MGS teaser

VG247: Konami's labelled this morning's green Metal Gear teaser as "speculation" and has refused to comment on the matter.

"I am afraid that Konami does not comment on speculation," said a spokesperson to earlier today.

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ConanOBrien3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Current bid:

DSi/iPhone + Ac!d = Game ON. Green light literally means On The Go (mobile?)

Unlikely bid:

MGS Trilogy (MGS1-3) remake for 360, 3 DVDs set as MGS4 on 360 is still unlikely.

Mike Bowden3694d ago

It's MGS 4 360. Gotta be.

cellypower3694d ago

its the ps3 power on symbol.

Shane Kim3694d ago

I find it hard to be MGS4 for 360. First of all alot of content has to be pulled out. Second, It's not like MGS4 sold poorly on the PS3. Its 4.7 million copies. But hey, I could be wrong.

cayal3694d ago

Unlikely to be MGS4 on 360.

Most likely to be Metal Gear Ac!d

Most likely a DSi game.

The power button is a universal symbol.

Panthers3694d ago

Nowhere in that message does it say,to me at least, that it is a 360 title. More likely a mobile game.

aaquib093694d ago


Quote me.

mikeslemonade3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Oh Kojima is obviously hinting at all the gadgets in the next Metal Gear will be energy efficient. Everything will solar powered, wind powered, water powered etc. This also means no 360 version because with all the fautly hardware Kojima does not want to make a graphics intensive game that would contribute to more hardware failures than there already is.

Oh shoot in 4 minuites n4g will run out of energy and shutout. Kojima was right!

pixelsword3694d ago

"A" next Metal Gear Solid...


Emphasis on the vowels, and the world "next"

The last one could still be 360 or PC, maybe even both...

But I think it's an Ac!d game

AAACE53694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

The symbol at the end looks like the one in the middle of the on/off button for the 360, so it is possible that there is a MGS game coming to 360!

Even though MGS 4 sold extremely well on Ps3, Konami does love their money... Remember they ported MGS 2 over to Xbox 1. So I wouldn't rule it out.

Now that MGS 4 has sold to many Ps3 owners, they could have been using this time to alter the game for the 360!

I can't remember who, but some MS person said a couple weeks ago, that there will be some surprises for 2009 for the 360... and after the FFXIII announcement... I believe anything is possible!

prowiew3694d ago

its metal gear vs halo game.

solidsnakus3694d ago

its gonna be mgs4 subsistance (or w/e the expansion is called) coming to 360 and ps3.

!( means MGS4) + !(the other way around means the extra content and VR training) = (360 power button which is green)

SuperM3694d ago

Funny how all big 360 surprises is games becoming multiplatform. I really hope for 360 owners sake that they have something more to look forward to then games going multiplat in 09. Like say, something new and exciting? I mean i wouldnt mind seing Halo come to PS3(i know its not going to happen) but id much rather have a new game. After all if i really want halo i could just buy a 360.

And if there is any 360 owners out there that wants MGS4 then you should buy a PS3. I assume you have a HD-TV, so you are going to want a blu-ray player anyway. I guess the most stupid thing to do from a gamers standpoint would be to buy a 360 and then buy a standalone blu ray player. PS3 is the highest performing blu-ray player on the market(probably because of the cell, which ironically makes it the most powerfull game system aswell) and its not one of the most expensive.

No more crying because you miss out on visually mind-blowing games like Killzone2. No more denying that upscaled dvds just wont cut it. No more living in fear that your favourite game is going to get scratched and destroyed. No more acting as if RROD dont bother you because you get a new one(RROD? Console? both?) in 2 weeks.

The answer to all your problems is closer then you think.

Get a PS3,
it will set you Free! (Yes it actually rhymes)

NickIni3694d ago

I don't think this is MGS4 on the 360. A surprise is better suited to that kind of announcement.

I also don't think it has anything to do with the 360, green is the colour of the codec, and the circle thing is a universal power indicator.

I think it's either remakes, or an Ac!d game.

XxZxX3693d ago

Ninty is getting some love

pain777pas3693d ago

Even if its for the 360 there is nothing you can do about it. So everyone handle the possibility this gen is significantly different than any previous generation of gaming. There may only be PC gaming in the future at this rate or one platform hopefully next gen. Whatever they do it's there choice as developers. Think about it the WII is #1 this gen no one could have really predicted its success and is very underpowered graphically to the other consoles so I'd just let the chips fall where they may.

SoulBrotha32923693d ago

(IF)<<<< it comes to the 360 ima hear/ see alot of complaining. I mean that would be another ps3 exclusive coming our way....again. (IF)

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Shane Kim3694d ago

I almost wish that they could release MGS4 on the 360 couse this is getting annoying.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3694d ago

It's just as bad as the Halo and Gears going PS3 rumors. Rumors like this get tight wads like Nasim's panties in a bunch, so it's kinda comical. Most people ether know better or just don't care, some care to much and it's funny as hell. I love provoking fans on N4G, there is never a shortage of dumbasses that fall for it.

morganfell3694d ago

Some would call it fair since Gears of War 2 is coming to the PS3. On the Unreal Network internal developer forum there is a sticky that says "Do not ask for copies of Gears of War 2 on the PS3. We are only sending out copies of games that have already shipped to retail."

souljah3694d ago

don`t worry mate , it`s not on xbox . the message color is green , and the xbox has red color almost all the time ;;)

captainjy3694d ago

Gears coming to POS3, you wish.

AngryTypingGuy3693d ago

Morganfell, Gears 1 and 2 are both published by MS. The only way you'll see those two games on PS3 is if Sony pays a crapload of money. There's always a possibility of future Gears games on the PS brand, which wouldn't surprise me at some point, but you'd have to think that MS would be willing to pay a lot, and fight very hard to keep it exclusive.

On to the topic at hand. It's fair to say that at this point, since GTA and Resident Evil have seen the light and gone to the 360 as well, that MGS is the Halo of PlayStation. How AWESOME would it be if future installments were on Microsoft systems as well? I would love it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3693d ago

This interview below should clear up questions about Gears on PS3. It's right at the start of the interview.

morganfell3692d ago


Epic has already left one folder in the open by accident on their server. In it were bug reports of Gears 2 on the PS3 dealing with how they had solved issues by changing the lighting coding. Which only makes sense as the PS3 can use the Cell to handle vertex lighting. There is also discussion of how they are doing vertex coloring.

Sorry but the fact is they are not doing all of this work and sinking manpower into Q&A for nothing.

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Foxgod3694d ago

no comment, that sounds good, means no denial :D

PirateThom3694d ago

No comment on what the teaser is, not what people are wildly speculating.

Foxgod3694d ago

These two things are now completely inseparable.
As all the speculation is the followup of the teaser.

SuperM3694d ago

lol. So they should deny it? they just put out a teaser, they want people to be speculating. Why on earth would they deny anything until they confirm what it is?

Shane Kim3694d ago

I really don't think so...either it's a completely new MGS going multiplat (very, very unlikely) or a MG Ac!d game for DSi, PSP, Wii or any other console.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3694d ago

Metel Gear Solid 2 was multiplat 5yrs ago on the Xbox. Metal Gear has never been a true exclusive, it didn't start out on the Playstation you know. If MS, Nintendo, or Sony don't own the exclusive rights to the franchise, then saying it will never go anywhere is nieve. Shall I point out Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Tekken, Residevt Evil, Bioshock or Grand Theft Auto?

morganfell3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Shane, I would guess that it is a Wii game that is also an Xbox Live Arcade game. It is only going to make 360 owners buy a PS3 so they can get a real next gen Metal Gear game.

Shane Kim3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

No what I ment Jason 3sh!tty is not that Konami/Kojima is bound to Sony. What I ment was that I don't know if they'll announce a new MG game for xbox and/or PS3 this soon.

And I'm a die hard MGS fan, I know where the game started thank you very much.

PoSTedUP3694d ago

it started in the arcade....

and i wouldn't be suprised if it went multiplat. konami has gotta eat too ya know! more platforms= more money.

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