Resident Evil 5 - Splitscreen Co-op Video

OXM UK has posted a video showing Resident Evil 5's splitscreen co-op in action.

The video was recorded from the demo that was released on Xbox 360's Japanese Marketplace today and focuses on a brief encounter towards the end of the Shanty Town area.

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riksweeney3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

It's interesting how they've off-centered the screens. It does make it a lot easier to see what's going on though. I'm glad they've kept the aspect ratio correct and not tried to stretch it to fit the screen, but obviously you'll need a decent TV to get the most out of it.

But most importantly of all, I'm glad that I can play the co-op offline. I don't have two controllers for nothing.

Cwalat3700d ago

lol, that is just pure propaganda...

the outstreched splitscreen version is better, why?

because you can see something...

take COD:WAW for an example, the spliscreen is divided like this demo... but what happens when you play it on a 40" LCD?
you see nada, absolutely nothing that's over 20 feet from you...

they better go back to fullscreen attachment, or they are gonna have an angry fan mokking them...

thor3700d ago

I don't see WTF is wrong with using the entire screen. Why not have it like it always was? With one player on top, and the other on the bottom. Too much effort is it? Wipeout had great split-screen and it didn't need to shrink each person's view. It's hard enough to see as it is, why do I want the screen shrunk even more? It makes zero sense. It's not like it's really even an advantage online (if that's the reason) because it's a bigger advantage to be able to see someone else's screen. There should at least be the option to change it. And I can't see that anyone, given the option, wouldn't want it to take up the entire screen.

pornflakes3700d ago

The 360 version will be superior! Just like all capcom titles are better on 360 than the PS3. for this gen you need only 3 cores @ 3.2 ghz and a great GFX.

The pS3 has on the PAPER the better cpu but the RSX sux hard. Same if you would get a Geforce 1 and 512 MB RAM with a quad core CPU. The games would look like crap..

Pennywise3700d ago

With your wisdom, I wish you have 10 bubbles to spread the knowledge. /s

Yoma3700d ago

Because of the very limited hardware the console they programe the game to, they are able to use the spu helping calculate graphic. The PC is upgradeable, so a graphic card is used only then

Daver3700d ago

I dont get why it is like that, why splitscreen is not full screen anymore? COD 5 is the same thing... Is it taking too much ressource to make it "full split screen"?
Anyone can explain? thanks

riksweeney3700d ago

I guess they either had a choice of stretching the image horizontally (no way), or just showing a lot more to the left and right of the player (more than what you'd see in single player).

I don't think vertical split screen would work so they decided to do this weird off-center thing.

thor3700d ago

I don't really know. I think (and this is a complete guess) that they add in split-screen as a last-minute feature (remember R2 didn't have confirmed split-screen until a month before launch) and as such they can't be bothered to change the aspect ratios and set up all the weapons etc. so that they look right on a different sized screen. If they do it this way, simply shrinking the view and not changing the aspect ratio, they don't have to worry about much - it will just look right and they won't have to change anything.

I think it also comes from the complaints about the side-by-side split that was so common earlier this gen - so instead of doing a top/bottom split which is best, they opted for this because the view really is very wide with the top/botttom split.

It's a shame really because I like the game to take up my whole TV.

Daver3700d ago


yea me too when i play a coop game i want it to be full screen not 3/4 resistance 2 disappointed me for this too

iistuii3700d ago

sports games, i really cant see why anyone would wanna play in split screen. It's crap, especially now online play is so good on xbox live and games are now putting in co-op.

thor3700d ago

How can you POSSIBLY say that? Do you think I would rather:

a) Play split-screen with my siblings/friends when they come over
b) Convince all my friends to buy PS3s, buy another 2 PS3s and a couple more HDTVs for my house, upgrade my internet connection [which would cost an absolute bomb since my connection is the fastest I can get at the moment] so I can play online with 3 consoles at once without lag, and then play against my siblings & friends without being able to see them, relying on voice chat to communicate.

Split-screen is FUN! How can you say it's not fun! Seriously, when your friends come over, do you want to have to take it in turns and swap over the controller to play a game? Sure, it's fun to play online, but it's a lot better to play against someone who's right next to you, and even better yet to have split-screen online. Online gaming can often feel like a solitary thing because you're playing against strangers most of the time. Sure, they might be on your friends list, but they aren't always your real-life friends.

0verdrive3699d ago

agreed with thor.

not everyone is the only person who plays games in the house. what about all the people with siblings or roommates? online is nice because it gives people who would normally play alone the option to play with other people, but as thor said, theres nothing better than playing with friends sitting next to you. also, online has technical setbacks, and its also easier to communicate with something sitting next to you than talking to someone online.

iistuii3700d ago

On one point and thats yes loads of mates round, loads of beer and a fifa tournament or pes as it used to be, but you cant enjoy playing on half a screen?, not too bad co-op, however if your on mp, you just look at the other persons half and bingo, you know where each other is, no suprises. And even racing games, it just does my eyes in trying to keep focused on my side of the screen, no sorry, rockband, sports games , anything that needs full screen for me.

thor3700d ago

You obviously don't have siblings who also want to play. I can see that if all your friends have PS3s/360s and play games quite often then it's another option to play them online - but you can't do that with brothers and sisters obviously. I generally sit quite close to the TV to play - but then, it's not really that bad to watch it from afar, I mean I used to play 3- and 4-player split on a 14" TV! It's better than having friends round and taking turns for sure.

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