Benchmark Proves PS3 Is the Best Blu-ray Player

Better even than Sony's own standalone machines

The fact that the PS3 is the main force driving the adoption rate of the Blu-ray discs is pretty much common knowledge nowadays. However, one question that has really given a few nights of restless sleep to quite a lot of people faced with the decision of purchasing their first Blu-ray player was whether Sony's gaming console was the best solution for the playback of Blu-ray movies or not. Well, it seems that now we've got a more or less definitive answer to this question, courtesy of a very interesting comparative benchmark by

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Mr_Bun3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Best Blu-ray player/Gaming console...if you can afford it!

If you can't afford it, there will always be cheaper substitutes.

arika3693d ago

ps3 is the best:

best bluray player

best console

most aerodynamic(lol)

greenest console (environment friendly)

almost half the price from two years ago.

if you have an hdtv, the only way to fully appreciate its beauty and technology is to play a bluray player on it and appreciate its 1080p glory. not only on movies but most importantly on gaming.

Xelai3693d ago

The title is misleading!

PS3 IS NOT THE BEST BLU RAY PLAYER QUALITY WISE, that award could go to the Panasonic BD55 or one of the Pio`s.

This test measures the ability to deal with Java, no more no less, it has NOTHING to do with audio quality or picture quality.

Read the article in!!!

Sad, how the fanboys now will proclaim the player is the best, no one serious enough about quality goes with a PS3 these days.

It is still a reasonable player, but standalones always blow consoles in quality, it is a fact of life.

Always sad n4g.

DaSaintFan3693d ago

============================== ==========
While none of these numbers indicate how a player will perform from a picture quality or audio quality standpoint, they do indicate the players that have the ability to handle complex Blu-ray content in the most efficient and seamless manner.
============================= ===========

I don't see anywhere in there (Unless I'm missing a number on the chart) that says the BD-55 is the top picture quality one? (there may be other articles that argue that point, but I don't see it in this article.)

caffman3693d ago

its only aerodynamic if you are throwing it out of the window in frustration about another bloody update

shovelbum3693d ago

Was there ever any doubt which Blu player was best?

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3694d ago
mikeslemonade3694d ago

It feels good to know that you own a high-end machine. They really weren't kidding when they said "future proof". And by "future proof" they mean in the next 8 years(minus 2 from 10) the parts and features inside the PS3 will still be the standard.

Lord20083694d ago

Ah delusional Mike, how Sony have fooled you,

You do realise once the next Xbox comes out it will force the hand of Sony. You are already getting your ASS kicked this generation why would they start behind the next.

3693d ago
Darkseider3693d ago

OMG!!! That picture is classic! roflmao!! People at work are starting to stare at me cause I am still laughing. That is priceless!

3693d ago
3693d ago
Lord20083693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Listen love read it properly, you didn’t piss me of it’s called sarcasm if you were as you claim smarter than me you would have understood that.

it's a shame only a few of us still rate originally

Rockstar3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

"You are already getting your ASS kicked this generation why would they start behind the next."

This should come as no surprise to you since you seem to be on the MS bandwagon but....and pay attention....It's all about money, not who comes out first.

It was all important for MS to come out of the gates early to try and steal the PS3's thunder since Sony is a force to be reckoned with in the game industry. MS needed to try and get people that were waiting for Sonys next console to get a 360, and it worked to an extent.

I think you'll find next gen will be different. Sony's hand will not be forced by MS IMO.

If MS releases there next console early but the PS3 is still raking it in why would they release PS4 early? Unlikely.

I'm reminded of Pachter saying Wii 2 or Wii HD...Why?
I haven't seen or heard of this from Nintendo and I likely won't for a very, very long time, and why? Because Ninty is raking it in, they can't keep them on the shelves, they seemed to have hit their target audience in a big way. Until someone one ups them they have no reason to release anything else for a long time, and it's the same thing with Sony.

Again, just an opinion, but who know how it will go down.

SuperM3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

If MS release a new console withing the next 2-3 years i think sony should just sit back and relax and keep going with the ps3. I mean just look at effin killzone2, the ps3 games will probably look atleast as good as the first games that comes out on the next xbox whenever that happens. With PS3 being at a much lower price point, with a way higher amount of games, and a way higher install base meaning a way higher third party support, then the new xbox is going to fail miserably.

There is no way microsoft is going to win this gen, and if sony plays their cards right, then microsoft will fail hard next gen.

When the ps4 finally release the 720 will already be concidered a massive failure and everyone will jump on the ps4 bandwagon, everyone except for the bitter xbox fanboys that is. ;)

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1233603693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

well i bought the 160gb model and when you look at the spec of the hardware and features as an overall unit 339 pounds is a bargain. my 360 cost me 369 pounds at launch and its no where near the spec of my ps3.why all the hate you should get one, have the best of both theres some great games on ps3 and 360.

pornflakes3693d ago

lol everybody knows that.. it MUST be the best player cause it gets the most marketing AS a Blu ray Player not gaming machine (we remember Square Enix statement that SOny should make more GAMING marketing).

Of course its the best blu ray player, i mean.. if not the games would sell 3 times better.

Whats with resistance2.. ehh?? 300k worldwide? Without bundles the Resistance IP is just a noname crap!

ultimolu3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Do me a favor and drink a cup of stfu.


Amp3693d ago

I would like to officially welcome BluRay Productions into the PS3 family, where they will undoubtedly find unparalleled critical and financial success due to the PS3's unrivalled technical and commercial prowess. The PS3 is truly the next generation console of choice for consumers, and has played a leading role in expanding the horizons of gaming into more families. The PS3 is handily decimating Xbox RRoD worldwide and has singlehandedly destroyed the mighty and evil Microsoft brand, crushing the evil empire forever.

she00win993693d ago

just watch your porns pornflakes and jack off, maybe it will help you prevent from having a prostate cancer in the future..

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