Founders of miHoYo were attempted for murder over the controversial update on Honkai Impact 3rd

Recently in Shanghai, an individual attempted to murder the founders of miHoYo with a knife due to dissatisfaction with Haonkai Impact 3rd

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SDuck772d ago

I feel ashamed of being part of Mihoyo's fanbase. On Genshin's side of things, there's alot of news recently of fans harassing VAs because their character's a creep or descendent of enslavers or something.

rpvenom772d ago

I feel ashamed as a human being.. that our kind resort to violence over the most ridiculous things.. Honestly.. if aliens ever just monitored us.. we'd be a joke to them.. we're so divided and selfish it's sad.

772d ago
Kaii772d ago

Not enraged by gacha mechanics, but the bunny outfit is where this individual wants to end lives over o_O
Worthless moron

justadelusion772d ago

it says the wackjobs came out them with curved swords. curved. swords.

Deathdeliverer772d ago

“Attempted for murder” is the most mind boggling sentence construction ever.

cammers1995772d ago

English must not be their first language

772d ago
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