Sunset Overdrive Laid The Groundwork For Insomniac's Spider-Man

There are a lot of similarities between Sunset Overdrive and Marvel's Spider-Man.

Looking back, you can see why Insomniac was the perfect studio to develop Marvel’s Spider-Man. It already had the blueprint to make a game with a loud-mouth protagonist who performs the same tasks while looking hella’ cool.

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Terry_B54d ago

eh...Infamous 1 laid that groundwork already.

darthv7254d ago

Not exactly. Maybe the large open area but all the rail grinding and crazy weaponry were inspired by their R&C series.

Terry_B54d ago

aye, thats also true..must admit I never played one of the R&C games long enough

DarXyde53d ago

Or... Sonic Adventure 2?

tombfan54d ago

Infamous 1 isn't even from Insomniac... it was from Sucker Punch.

Terry_B54d ago

hah lol, I missed it up ^^ no wonder I got negative likes

tombfan54d ago

Eh, don't worry, still first party of Sony, I'm sure they all contribute to all games.

RauLeCreuset54d ago


In fairness, many people would have thought Sucker Punch to be the natural choice for a studio to take on Spider-Man, prior to what Insomniac achieved.

smashman9853d ago

Insomniac literally built spiderman off of systems from sunset.

darthv7254d ago

I'd pay good $$ for a sequel. Damn you MS for passing on the idea back then. I'm sure IG had lots of neat ideas for the second game.

LoveSpuds54d ago

It was a great game, but I felt it got a little repetitive. I would defo play a sequel though.

knightedHollow54d ago

Thats why I couldn't get through the whole game. Too repetitive for my tastes and some guns where so whacky to the point of somewhat unlikable.

smashman9853d ago

Sony owns the rights to the franchise now. So they could hypothetically bring us Sunset 2. I don't think it will happen but it's in the realm of possibilities.

badz14953d ago

maybe they can start offering the first game as a PS+ freebie and see the reception and decide if they want Insomniac to make a sequel

ShadowWolf71253d ago

@badz149 Unfortunately, no. Xbox holds permanent publishing rights to the first game. It doesn't get ported anywhere they won't let it.

And sadly, that means PlayStation.

Magog54d ago

Kinda sorta but there is lots of grinding rails in the Ratchet and Clank games too.

FlavorLav0154d ago

Yup, and MS missed the opportunity to purchase the IP or the studio. Insomniac was a fantastic pick-up for Sony.

darthv7254d ago

the IP wasnt for sale, which was why IG came to MS after offering it to Sony. Sony wanted to own it but IG wanted to keep it but now it doesnt matter because Sony owns IG and everything they made.

MetroidFREAK2154d ago

I got this game for free... I still need to give it a go

darthv7254d ago

It's fun, can be hectic at times but lots of runnin and gunnin

MetroidFREAK2153d ago

I've heard that. I'll play it one of these days

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The story is too old to be commented.