Valve Has Been Quietly Changing the Rules for Adult Games on Steam

What are the rules for publishing adult games on Steam? It seems that no one knows for certain, not even Valve — and that's having an impact on developers.

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CrimsonWing6995d ago

why the hell can't they just have adult games? You have crazy-ass criminal, anti-social, drug use, gore fueled games... I don't get why nudity and sex is so freaking taboo. What are we freaking pilgrims still? I don't see anyone living in a little house on the prairie anymore. Just let it be for chrissakes.

Ashunderfire8694d ago

Resident Evil 8 as an adult theme game with the violence would have done it more justice, and its already a mature game! You still need to be 18 or so to play the game! Even Duke Nukem would benefit from this! But we got to blame it on these stupid politicians who are destroying this country, and use every excuse to blame violence on video games! Just imagine if Hillary Won! She would F Up Gaming as we know it!

glisteningkingfisher94d ago

Trump suggests video games to blame for mass shootings

Vits94d ago

The more logical reason would be that they don't want to have to deal with the legislation in regard to that kind of content and there might be pressure from third parties. In particular payment providers that have a historic low interest in being available for adult oriented media.

There is also that, now, old conspiracy theory about the crew from Campo Santo talking the helms of this part of the approving process. And being a little trigger happy with it.

But no matter the reason. It just suck for developers and players alike. Developers have this tremendous issue with developing games that might not even be approved by Steam or even being pulled out of the store with very reason given. While players are basically left hanging with titles getting canceled.

And what make it even worse is that in a global scale. There isn't really a option on par with Steam. Not only in terms of the tools that they provide. But for the consumer most of the other options don't have basic features like regional princing or regional payment methods. Making them inacessible for a big chunk of the market.

crazyCoconuts94d ago

There are plenty of people working to censor the violent games as well. Take Chinese government for example. Almost everyone has lines, they just don't all agree on where those lines need to be.

FinalFantasyFanatic94d ago

It doesn't really make sense considering how many adults play games and want to play those types of games, plus, I believe all the games have some sort of age rating and there are parental controls available fro parents to protect the kids. We already have everything else by the bucket load in games, don't know why nudity and sex has to be treated so differently.

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Rachel_Alucard94d ago

One of the problems with Valve's system where everyone is their own leader, is that the person who approves titles flip flops depending on who is in charge of it. You don't want the guy from Campo Santo who cries on twitter all day, abused his admin powers to ban people in dota 2, and goes against everything even slightly suggestive to be in charge of that department. Otherwise, nothing will get approved.