Top 10 Most-Sold Consoles of All Time Ranked

The PlayStation 2 is the most sold console of all time, with the Nintendo DS coming in as a close second at 154 million units sold.

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Thundercat7747d ago

The articles says "consoles" and then includes handheld devices on the list. Consoles and handheld devices are different categories.

darthv7246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

console (noun) · consoles (plural noun) · games console (noun) · games consoles (plural noun)
1: a panel or unit accommodating a set of controls for electronic or mechanical equipment.
2: a small electronic device for playing computerized video games.

So there can be stationary consoles (aka home consoles) and portable consoles (aka handheld consoles).

RazzerRedux46d ago

There is a difference between consoles and handhelds. You might as well call a smart phone a console. Be real.

Thundercat7746d ago

Not surprised you didn't even understand.

Orchard46d ago

@RazzerRedux "There is a difference between consoles and handhelds"

No. There is a difference between handheld/portable consoles and home/stationary consoles. Both are still games consoles. Even Sony & Nintendo referred to the PSP/Vita & GB/DS/etc as consoles.

darthv7246d ago

I understand. I just gave you the uncontested dictionary definition of "console".

Dont blame me if that site did not specify the type for your approval before submitting.

Elda46d ago

Your definition of a console is right. There are home gaming consoles & portable (handheld) gaming consoles.

S2Killinit46d ago

Sure but as gamers we know why its not fair to compare them in the context of units sold.

RazzerRedux46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The word "console" has been thrown around n4g and every game site in the world probably trillions of times and in most cases they are not referring to handhelds. When folks are referring to "handhelds" they don't even use the word "console". So you can hide behind the technical category of handhelds being console, but it is just silly particularly when the topic is sales as S2Killinit points out. We are talking about different games, different pricing, and different form factors.

Orchard46d ago

Since when were the DS, PSP, Gameboy etc. not games consoles? Did I miss something?

Elda46d ago

Handhelds are considered portable gaming consoles.

septemberindecember46d ago

Handheld consoles and home consoles are in different categories, but both are still videogame consoles. Since this is a list of the best selling videogame consoles, handhelds are included. They would not be if it was the list of the best selling home consoles though.

knightedHollow46d ago

So do tell...where does the switch fall?

Fluttershy7745d ago

Well that's the genius of the switch, isn't it?

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roadkillers46d ago

The exclusives is what made the PS2 sell so much. It has all Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solids, Devil May Crys, Tekkens, Kingdom Hearts, practically every Square Enix game, and biggest GTA timed-exclusive.

PS3 was a huge step back (loved the console though) in terms of 3rd party exclusives. They lost every 3rd party exclusive, biggest being GTA times-exclusivity for Agent. That had to piss them off. The only 3rd party that didn't jump in with Xbox was Metal Gear Solid 4.

I wonder why the exclusivities ended that generation. Not sure if it was because the 360 got a good headstart and was selling well or that Microsoft opened their massive pocketbooks.

Orchard46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

You summed it up perfectly.

I have very fond memories of the PS2 years, we had so many high quality exclusives both close to launch, and back to back throughout. A lot of my favorite entries in my favorite franchises (SH, MGS etc.) were PS2 games.

I think exclusivities ending was due to a shift in the industry - publishers started to realize they could make a lot more money if they simply launched everywhere, given the market foothold gained by Sony's competitors during that generation.

Prior to that, OG Xbox had no market share, Dreamcast died, and the GC wasn't a huge hit, while the PS2 had insanely high sales for the time, so it was easy for developers to just release a PS2 game and rake in the cash.

Gameseeker_Frampt46d ago

Sony didn't "lose" 3rd party exclusives - 3rd party exclusives from big publishers pretty much disappeared during the 7th console generation. Games cost more to produce which meant that it made little sense for publishers to limit themselves to one console. There was no exclusive GTA, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Kingdom Heart, or Devil May Cry. What few 3rd party exclusives that remained were due to hardware or timing limitations. Capcom's Lost Planet was originally exclusive to 360 because it launched cheaper so there were more of them in the market. As soon as PS3 caught up though Capcom ported the game to PS3. Metal Gear Solid 4 was exclusive to PS3 because 360 discs couldn't handle the amount of data in the game. 360 received ports of PC games like Left 4 Dead, Metro 2033, and The Witcher 2 thanks to XBox's roots as a PC based console.

Even with the PS4 outselling the XBox One almost 3 to 1, just look at how few 3rd party exclusives there were in the eighth generation. Instead of actual exclusives, console makers now just get timed exclusives or - if they pay enough - not have a game released on a specific rival platform (Monster Hunter Rise and Deathloop are both examples of this practice in 2021).

knightedHollow46d ago

Well if it makes you feel better. Besides Halo and Gears the xbox brand has had no real impact on gaming...other than making us pay for online of course.

Playstation 3 although not as great as ps2 still gave us genre defining games like the Last of Us and Demons Souls to name a couple.

septemberindecember46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Switch will steal number 4 or number 5 by the end of the year. PS4 might reach number 3 when it is all said and done.

JEECE46d ago

People need to stop lumping Game Boy Color with Game Boy. That's like lumping 3DS with DS or Vita with PSP.

DarthMarvin46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Not really. Most games released after the Colour came out still worked with the OG GameBoy. Very few were Colour exclusive.

JEECE45d ago

Wrong. I lived through this era, and unfortunately was too young and dumb at the time to know that when I got my Gameboy Pocket, it would become obsolete in like a year. There were a few games that were still available for Gameboy, but plenty of the major games were only on Color. This is not just anecdotal either, there are significant lists online of the Color exclusive games.

Honestly I don't understand why everyone is so desperate to retcon this (it's not as if Nintendo isn't otherwise we'll represented on this list). It was common sense at the time that Gameboy Color was a new system.

DarthMarvin46d ago

Seems like a strange time to release this article, since the Switch will pass the GameBoy Advance's total sales within the next couple of months.

demonseye46d ago

or the right time showing the current top 10 before the switch is going to pass several of them.
and one last goodbye to the gameboy advance. it was a great time.