Knockout City Will Launch with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play on May 21 - Xbox Wire

Rachel Crowley: "There’s just one month to go before Knockout City slams onto the gaming scene. And judging by the one million downloads during the recent cross play beta, this dodgebrawling game is sure to make an impact. The best part? It will be available to play at launch on May 21 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members!"

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58d ago
Teflon0258d ago

Good, I was worried that if I buy it no one will end up playing. But if on gamepass, that nearly assures it'll have players to play against.

Kaii58d ago

It'll probably meet the same fate Rocket Arena did >.>

DarthMarvin58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Great, another sub-par "game" built to shove lootboxes down our throats and empty the wallets of the week willed. Hard pass.