65nm Cell; PlayStation cost controls on the horizon

Last week during Sony's quarter-end earnings call, CFO Takao Yuhara provided new insight into upcoming cost-cutting measures for the PlayStation 3, including a move already underway towards 65nm production for Cell.

Asked by an analyst what Sony was doing to help reduce PS3 manufacturing costs, Yuhara indicated that besides the move to 65nm, the Playstation would be receiving a component update designed to 'reduce the parts' inside of the console...

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nanometric4908d ago

Could this mean a price cut for Cristmas sales?

DJ4908d ago

They already fixed PS1 and PS2 functionality with their latest firmware update which shows that they're getting close to perfecting their BC tech. Getting rid of the EE+GS chip would take off at least $50 since they have PS2 ram on the motherboard as well.

I wouldn't be surprised if they reduced production costs to around $600 by the end of the year (down from $830 at launch).