The Finer Details of Wii MotionPlus

"Nintendo announced and unveiled the Wii MotionPlus hardware attachment to the Wii Remote during its press conference at the last E3. The Regginator himself showcased some of what we can expect from using the MotionPlus when it is released in conjunction with Wii Sports Resort next year. But how does Wii MotionPlus work and what does it actually do? What can we expect from it in terms of gaming enhancement? And what are the possibilities when combined with Nintendo's other peripheral additions?" - from gameplayer

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ChickeyCantor3700d ago

"Reggie has said that Nintendo would not make a profit from their sales, so we’d eat out hats if they cost more than a tenner. "

0_o xD
So basically these things will come really cheap then.

LokMessier3700d ago

XD at that picture!

"Q: Will all games use it?

No. Although there is a lot to be gained by taking advantage of Wii MotionPlus, we think there will be many developers who will just as well ignore it if it isn’t required for their particular game."

I hope at least quite a few do, at least some that are heavy on the finer turnings of the wrist while holding the wii mote. Overall even without the motion plus, it's still pretty fun to use and for me my controller seems to be overly sensitive -.-' Either way, I'm just hoping that perhaps Monster Hunter will be able to use it :3. Although after seeing the TGS2008 videos doesn't seem like it will even be needed, though I hope some of the other future releases use it


Product3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

i think anything but beat em' up games and party games will use it.
Sports,fps and action games will def. use this option imo.
a game like Punchout doesnt seem like it needs Motion + due to arcade style gameplay but a new Kid or Zelda would def. benefit.

Perjoss3700d ago

"Nintendo announced and unveiled the Wii MotionPlus hardware attachment to the Wii Remote during its press conference at the last E3"


"Nintendo admitted that the Wii Remote is in fact rubbish during its press conference at the last E3"


Captain_Sony3700d ago

Amazing how you have so many bbls when posting BS like that in the wrong zone.. Nintendo is just trying to make it even better.. You know like most companies do, they try to improve their product. Kinda like how Sony added rumble a year after release or how they are constantly updating their firmware. It's no different. Either be a gamer or go to where your kind belong.

ChickeyCantor3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Seriously, when was it that they claimed it would do 1:1 out of the box.
There are no words on that.
The Wii-mote did what it was suppose to do.
This however was a DEVELOPER DEMAND.

3700d ago
Smacktard3700d ago

Wow, this motion plus sounds a lot better than I thought! Unfortunate that the nunchuk is still gonna be broken beyond all repair, though. The motion plus sounds a lot more attractive than I originally thought, however.

ChickeyCantor3700d ago

everything in that article was already known months ago =P!
But its true =( the nun-chuck =(...

Smacktard3700d ago

Not everything was known. Specifically, this question was answered, a question I was wondering about for a long time:

Q: So... in summary, it all comes down to rotation?

Yes, rotation and rapid movements of the hand and wrist. Anything you do that uses your hands in such a way (careful now!) can be captured more precisely.

Q: But we have used hand rotation in games before, surely?

You might think you have, but that’s purely because you have been cleverly hoodwinked to believe it so. For such cases, the game will know exactly how you are holding the controller because it tells you how to do so, and then it can hypothesise from the movements it registers from that position and attempt to translate them into what the accelerometer should have picked up. The result isn’t precise or realistic.

ChickeyCantor3700d ago

I thought that was already known?
Ah well whatever =) I knew it so my bad.

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