Playstation Home patch 1.02 today

Home Community Manager TedTheDog has just revealed on the SCEE forums that a maintenance will start at 11am GMT, and should not last longer than 30 minutes. After that, you will be prompted to download a new Home update: 1.02

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Zip3694d ago

so what does this change

hay3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

"Once it returns patch 1.02 will be available for download and this patch is to simply provide support for the server update. "

season0073694d ago

i am kinda sad that the mall in HOME is charging real money
although all items are 0 now it appears that the system can charge thru credit card/network card..

o well...trophies virtual money talk, i hope it will come true

MA3LK3694d ago

Sony has to make money out of this so charging for items and advertising is the best way to get money. And imagine the development cost that HOME has created they have to some how break even.

pain777pas3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Go get all the free stuff now like the now my default summer home. It's sweet. I like home it's pretty cool. My avatar is a girl but I'm a boy so no hitting on me please I know I'm beautiful and all that but show some restraint.

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LokMessier3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I hope rooms will be added in again, but I'm starting to highly doubt that, either way one more step until open beta.

Seeing as it's just a server stability, all lights seem to be green and hopefully either one more update or just a few more days until Open beta


hay3694d ago

Well, server stability is pretty damn important when it comes to online services...

LokMessier3694d ago

I'm just saying since it's only a server stability patch, I'm not expecting those rooms back ;_; never got to see them in the first place.

hay3694d ago

We'll see more soon as beta will end. No worries.

LokMessier3694d ago

I never got a chance to see them :/

whoelse3694d ago

Theres no question we will see those rooms, its one of its major features, the question is when!

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pandabear3694d ago

So this is news?? a patch to stablise servers - thats all???


Karum3694d ago

It's most certainly news for the couple hundred thousand or so people that are in the Home beta, such as myself.

riksweeney3694d ago

This is great news, now all I need is Home so that I can enjoy the patch!

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The story is too old to be commented.