EA Is Trying To Drive Players Towards Lootboxes, Leaked Documents Reveal

Leaked documents provided by an insider indicate that publishing giant EA considers microtransactions the "cornerstone" of the FIFA series.

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XiNatsuDragnel945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

Oh EA EA EA you said why are victims? People hate us. Well EA you always made your bed and now you can take Ls by doing stupid decisions like these that'll cause hella backlash and memes out of this.
Next time EA if I see an article of you guys saying why are we victims ? Articles I am going to laugh and say this article/doc is the reason why!!

Retroman945d ago

Ea will not learn until they come close to bankruptcy.

XiNatsuDragnel945d ago

Facts we need to bankrupt these people.

945d ago
Strange99945d ago

1) it won’t ever happen
2) even if they went bankrupt, the ones who made these shitty decisions would still gut all the equity and walk away with 7 generations of retirement money. Their bankruptcy only hurts the people working for them.

bouzebbal944d ago

So many pigeons out there who buy blindly.. We are the minority unfortunately

PapaBop944d ago

EA learned from Battlefront 2 and the huge backlash it received. Having said that though, I'm not sure why this is even news, over half of the main menu screen on fifa is basically a huge FUT advert and has been for years now. It's obvious they want everyone to be playing that, career mode has barely had any interesting additions for years and clubs is an after thought for them

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Rebel_Scum945d ago

Bankrupt and put 9,800 people out of a job instead of just not buying their shit?

XiNatsuDragnel945d ago

Lol people will buy it regardless of warning them not too. I say they need learn to change themselves or they're going bankrupt.

Rebel_Scum945d ago

"I say they need learn to change themselves or they're going bankrupt. "

What you said:

"Facts we need to bankrupt these people. "


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rpvenom945d ago

Where's cancel culture at.. these are the actual real things in life that should be cancelled.

RosweeSon945d ago

Yeah about as surprised as fifa 22 later this year 😑🤣

Futureshark945d ago

They are not called 'loot boxes'.

They are 'surprise mechanics'.

Totally different thing.


isarai945d ago

Yeah pretty much, only thing this changes is that they cant play dumb anymore, but they will certainly try lol

1Victor945d ago

@adamino No you can’t get a “duh” but you can have a agree 😉✨

945d ago
Darkborn945d ago

Can't wait for the next battlefront 2 fiasco with loot boxes and to hear them cry the victom again.