Pocket Gamer: Samsung U900 Soul Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "The humble mobile telephone may be primarily concerned with communication first and foremost but the last ten or so years have proven beyond all doubt that consumers often favour design over functionality. Whereas mobiles from the early '90s were chunky, plastic-ridden affairs, more recently we've seen a sharp rise in the number of 'fashion' phones, crafted with the express purpose of making consumers drool with desire.

The Samsung U900 'Soul' is almost certainly aimed at satisfying the aesthetically-minded modern consumer. The love affair begins from the moment you pick it up and cradle it inquisitively in your palm; the tasteful combination of brushed metal and glossy plastic is brought to life by the clean, sharp lines of the case design. This is unquestionably a phone that has been constructed with the express purpose of turning heads, and it does so with aplomb."

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