10 Resident Evil 5 (Bio Hazard 5): Xbox 360 Demo HD Screens

The demo for Resident Evil 5 is finally up on Xbox Live Japan, if you're wondering how to access it just follow these simple instructions and you will be playing in no time.

Sadly Ve3tro doesn't have their HD Capture Card yet, luckily a few members from NeoGaf took some screens for us who don't have the demo.

Ve3tro will be recording both levels from the demo later today, they wont be in HD but it's still good enough quality for viewing pleasure.

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InMyOpinion3695d ago

Looks like Chris has been working on those triceps.

This could be the best looking game this gen. Just look at the hair! The hair! The textures and lighting are insane!


Hard to belive this is the engine they used for Dead Rising yes it is upgraded but anyway just think how cool Dead Rising 2 will be :)

Lord Xire3694d ago

Jenzo in that picture if you look at the guy standing behind Sheva...he's looking directly at's f**king creepy.

CBaoth3695d ago

did they ever fix the abhorent control scheme? Does Capcom realize both Sony and MS have right analog sticks that are perfect for aiming/looking? Seriously, what's the use in mapping a static camera to the right analog stick when it becomes utterly useless in combat? I'd like to be able to move while shooting. Is that too much to ask? Overly complicated controls should never factor into a game's difficulty. And don't even get me started on the old controls of earlier RE games. It's sad when 4 is considered an improvement.

I remember reading an article posted here about the producer using a GeOW/Uncharted control scheme but criticism from series fanboys caused him to rethink that idea. Whatever happened to that?

Sorry to rant but I love the horror survival genre. I just can't figure out why the genre has always used archaic controls. It's like we're stuck in the PS1 era. Hope Capcom took notice of what Atari and Eden painfully learned from Alone in the Dark.

LTC3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

nowhere near the best looking game. Backgrounds textures seem low res, decent main character models but thats about it.

kittoo3695d ago

No chance of this being the best looking game.

candystop3695d ago

Oh let me guess it's KZ2 lol. Get the f out here you freaking sony fanboys sheesh. This game looks realitisic and even more so then your precious PS3 titles.

NaAsAr3695d ago

i dont have a gold membership for my japanese account :(

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The story is too old to be commented.