Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo (PS5) - Compare Ray Tracing On vs. Off Screenshots

Both of Resident Evil Village's Gameplay Demos use ray tracing for diffusion and GI instead of concentrating solely on reflections. As a result, the effects of ray tracing are relatively subtle.

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Orchard173d ago

Barely any noticeable difference. Honestly, this game/engine already looks great, the minimal improvements shown above aren't worth sacrificing a stable framerate for.

cooperdnizzle173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Nah, I think there is way more detail in the shadows and lighting with ray tracing on and you can see a pretty big difference, the only thing about that is, it could come down to what each person thinks looks better, because it’s more of an artist deference, and comes down to lighting more than anything, and like I said I think the lighting looks a lot better with the ray tracing on.

PrimeVinister173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

I think a lot of people expect obvious reflections like we saw in Control UE and Spider-man MM whereas RE8 is going for immersion.

Both are great uses of RT BTW but I do love the depth in darkness here.

Edit: I think Control UE almost overdoes it with the reflections. Like walking around a hall of mirrors. I wouldn't like games to go this route all the time. I think it would be like 2006's bloom obsession.

BenRC01172d ago

Worth the trade off? Nope.